Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Set and ready to go

I made 15 treat bags STUFFED full for Miss K's class. I went WAY overboard on the bags this year. I stamped tags for each one as well. I also made buckets with treats for both of her teachers whom I absolutely love and I am going to cry when the school year ends because Miss K will be too old to continue in the program there. I've got the veggie tray all made up for the party. The outfit that she is wearing tomorrow is in the dryer. (She wore it tonight for Awanas and Trunk or Treat.) I am a failure...the skirt did not get made. I let the freaking pattern intimidate me and I couldn't bring myself to cut the fabric. So disappointed in myself. I never mentioned it to K, so she doesn't know the difference, but I do. So, she will be wearing her skull and crossbones t-shirt, denim skirt and her orange and black stripped tights. I'll probably wash it again tomorrow after school and she will wear it again on Friday when we go for a Halloween playdate at a friend's house. Friday is going to be another SUPER busy day for us. Playdate across town. Then I have to come back to this side of town to drop K off at a friend's who is going to babysit for me while I go and get my hair done. I was suppose to get it done on Tuesday, but my hairdresser got stuck in Texas and they had to reschedule my appointment. Normally, I would just wait and do it when K is in school, but we are having our family photos done on Sunday and I've got to cover up all this gray! And I was thinking about getting my hair cut in an bob, but I saw a photo of myself the other day and with my the way it is, but I had it clipped back and I actually liked the way it looked. I'm thinking I will just have her trim it. Maybe I will go for the bob this spring when the weather warms up. Anyway....back to my plans for Friday. Friday evening we are having friends over so that their daughter can go TorTing with Miss K. Honestly? I'll be glad when Halloween is over. We are always so busy in October! I am dreading the holidays. I don't even want to think about it right now. It will start stressing me out.

And...because I thought this post needed a photo, meet Miss Pumpkin. She's sitting next to the Haunted House. Miss K made her at school on Tuesday. She was covered in paint. It did not come out of her clothes. And my husband wonders why my child has two wardrobes. One for school...clothes that I don't mind getting ruined because they WILL get ruined at school. (I honestly think those kids have a contest at school to see who can get the messiest. When school is out for the year, I will throw those clothes away. They won't even be worth it to donate to Goodwill!) And one for everyday wear which is 95% Gymboree. Actually, I think that there are only two outfits that are not Gymboree. One is Hartstrings and one is Gap Kids. How sad is it that I know this? A friend of mine came over on Sunday and I was giving her some of K's clothes that no longer fit and I swear her eyes popped out when she saw K's closet. It's a little out of control. I've got a little something in the works and I think I am going to start with K's closet. As soon as I get it going, I'll post more about it.

Lianna....I'm putting your package in the mail tomorrow morning.

I'm off to bed.

blog ya later!


Laura Ann said...

This is the website for the tiles...the lady is awesome and does amazing work. You will not be disappointed.

Looking for that cute little skirt you have been working on.

Have a great evening.

Lianna Knight said...

Love Miss Pumpkin!! She's a cutie! Can't wait to get the package....Have I told you how much I appreciate you???????