Monday, October 13, 2008

Just random stuff....

Still trying to get the skirt thing sorted out. I'm about 95% sure I think I know what I am suppose to do. My friend Margie emailed me back and said that what I "thought" I was suppose to do is correct. So, maybe I will get the fabric cut out when/if Miss K goes down for a nap. Right now she is watching Dora Saves the Snow Princess and is eating mac n' cheese for lunch. I know...I'm a lazy mom. But I did make her scrambled eggs for breakfast!

Nothing exciting going on here at Casa de Cross. Just random things...

*the rub ons for K's room came in. I need to get them up on the wall. I don't want them to stay rolled up too long. I need to paint the rack first. I really need to get that room completed so I can move onto another my bathroom that will probably never get done. And the playroom.

*need to return the bathing suits I ordered from Land's End. Did not fit. I ordered two new ones, but I have no idea if they will be delivered in time.

*need to make my list for things to do/pack before we head out for Destin. I am so ready for vacation. I just wish my child was not sick.

*tons of laundry that needs to be done.

*K and I spent the entire day in our pjs. Didn't bother getting dressed. She was sick. What's the point?

*I'm a little irritated about something and it probably sounds stupid. When Miss K has a party at school, they have a sign up sheet for the mom's to bring stuff in. I am always one of the first people to drop off. I checked for the sign up sheet and it wasn't there. I came back for pick up and there it was and people had already signed up. What makes me mad is the same people sign up for the same thing everytime. And they sign up for the easy stuff. Juice and paper products. I don't think that is fair. I end up with a veggie tray almost everytime. I would love to bring in a $4 bottle of juice and not worry about it. But no, I've got to spent $15 on a veggies to make a tray. I think that sucks. Veggies and fruit are so dang expensive these days.

*found chairs for K's PBK table. Now I just need to decide what color to paint the playroom so I can decide which color chairs to order.

*there is a baby shower at K's school tomorrow for the director of the MDO program. I think K is going to have to miss school and that makes me sad. I still have to drop off the gift and food that I said I would bring. (I offered to do sign up sheet!)

*need to decide how many books I am going to take with me to the beach. I love to read. I plan on reading a lot while I am there. I need at least one book, if not two for the ride up. One for each day we are there and then one or two for the ride back.

Okay...I need to go make my to do list. It's 11pm and I just put on a chicken to cook. I am making homemade chicken potpie for dinner tomorrow night along with a salad. I did not go to sleep until 5am this morning. K woke me up at 8. I got about an hour nap when I made K lay down.

Need to get some stuff done since while everyone is asleep.

Blog ya later.

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doris said...

happy destin-ing. :D