Monday, October 27, 2008


The internet is a great thing. Recently, I've gotten back in touch with a number of people that I went to school with pretty much my entire public school life. One of those friends is Lianna Knight. I found Lianna through a blog of another friend. It's been great catching up with her and other friends through our blogs. So, Lianna and her husband have been struggling to have a baby. They have gone through two IVF procedures and have not be successful. They are currently saving for their third and what they hope is their final IVF. So, in order to raise money and to get their story out there, Lianna is hosting a "chip in". Check out her blog for her current giveaway. It's an awesome one! Check it out!


Lianna Knight said...

Ahhh....thank you so much Hollye! I have already had several people mention that they came from your blog to post on mine! I appreciate it more than you know :)

*Jilly* said...

You are welcome!
I tried to get Jody Ferlaak to post about the give-a-way on her blog(because she has a gazillion readers)..but no such far. But she did however leave a comment on Lianna's blog:)