Saturday, October 25, 2008

Favorite toys right now...

Miss K has really gotten into pretending and make believe. One of her very favorite toys right now is a pizza set from Melissa and Doug that she got for her birthday last year. I can't tell you how many times a day I "eat" pizza and have tea. They also have a birthday cake set like the pizza one. I should have gotten it for her birthday, but I didn't think about it at the time. She is also really into this wood peanut butter and jelly lunch box set by Play Wonder. I had stopped by Goodwill one day to check out their book section. And the Goodwill close to my house is lucky in that it gets donations from Target. I found the PB&J set brand new, still sealed in the lunch box for $1.99. I snapped it right up and I'm glad I did. She loves it. She pretends to pack her lunch several times a day and then spreads it out on the floor while she watches Dora or something. It's cute. Of course, she is still all about her monkey. I'm actually a little concerned about the health of the monkey. She's not looking so good these days. I actually bought a couple of patterns to make some felt food for K's kitchen. But at this point, I'm not going to commit to anything. That dang skirt is still hanging over my head. The fabric is sitting on the table downstairs taunting me. Heck....I am going to do downstairs, do the dishes, (we just had AWESOME homemade chicken pot pie...this is the ONLY way I can get K to eat veggies.) get the dining room picked up and then I am going to sit down and attempt to get some work done on the skirt. I know I won't finish it. I'm going to probably be overly cautious because I don't want to mess up. And tomorrow is our neighborhood Halloween parade. The only thing I have to do for that is make a pie and help direct the parade from the front of the neighborhood to the playground and I am done. For once...I'm not the one having to do everything. For the past three years, my neighbor Amanda and I did EVERYTHING for just about any event that went on in our neighborhood. Got old REALLY fast.
Okay...I'm off to clean the kitchen. Maybe I'll blog later about my progress on the infamous skirt. This dang thing better at least be wearable!
blog ya later!

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I had to come check out your blog just because of the name! ;)


doris said...

you've been busy. love the new blog look. :D