Saturday, October 18, 2008

I don't want to go home....

We have one more full day here in beautiful Destin and then we have to head back home. I could cry just thinking about going home. And the funny thing is...I use to hate the beach. But you have to realize that the only beach I grew up visiting as a child was Galveston. Miss K refers to that as the 'dirty beach'. She refers to Destin as the 'clean beach'. We have had such a great time this year. Last year we were here for a week. And in that week, we spent less than 2 hours at the beach. We spent most of our time at the pool. This year, we spent 4 hours at the beach the first day! My child actually liked the sand this time. She is still a little scared of the ocean. More so today since she got knocked over by a wave and it freaked her out. She also had a little incident at the pool today. She was playing with one of those noodle things and next thing you know, she is float in the middle of the pool (the shallow part) and she can't get her footing. She started to panic and freaked out. Daddy saved her. But she has enjoyed walking down the beach looking for "dollars" (sand dollars) and other shells. All in's been a perfect vacation....just like last year. My only complaint? Not long enough! I honestly could sit on the beach all day long just reading and people watching. I love to people watch. My college roommate, Becky and I use to go out to clubs and we LOVED watching people. And let me tell you....people watching on the beach is an interesting experience!

Tomorrow evening I am planning on taking Miss K over to the beach dresses in one of her white Strasburg dresses and taking her photo. I meant to do that last year when we were here, but since she freaked out anytime she set foot on the sand, that didn't happen! We are going out for seafood tomorrow as well. I'm not a huge seafood person, but I've been craving it since we got into town. I'm not sure where we are going just yet. I've gotten a couple of recommendations, but we haven't decided. Heck....we will probably just end up at Landry's since it is right here next to the condo.

I've read 3 1/2 books since we left for vacation. The 1/2 is a book I check out from the library on creative families. Like I need to add anymore projects to my life. Right now I am downloading music from iTunes to my iPod. One day I am going to have to share my play list. I listen to a wide range of music. As soon as I can put my hands on my Phantom of the Opera CD, I am going to add it. Right now I am listening to John Mayer's Slow Dancing in a Burning Room over and over again. I love that song. I'm not normally a Mayer fan, but I do like his voice and I do love this song.'s late and I need to get to bed. Blog ya later!

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Renee said...

think of me...
I have the CD if you want to borrow it. I have Rent too and it's got some great songs as well.

Miss chatting with you on FB-but am glad you had a great vacation!