Friday, October 24, 2008

Call Dr. Phil, Mommy

Me: K...Mommy has a bad headache, please stop yelling.
K: Mommy, you don't feel good?
Me: No. I have a headache.
K: That means you are sick?
Me: Yes
K: Better call Dr. Phil.
Me: WHO?
K: Dr. Phil. He will make you feel all better.
Me: Dr. Phil?
K: Yes Mommy. Dr. Phil.
Me: Okay.
K: Here's a band aid for your face (she pretends to put a bandage on my face. I have no idea why.) And here is a puppet for you to snuggle with. (Again...she pretends to hand me a puppet. And again, I have no idea why. But she always pretends to hand me a puppet when I ask her to snuggle with me.)
Me: Thank you.
K: I love you Mommy.
Me: I love you too Boogie. (that's something we call her)

First of all...I do not watch Dr. Phil. I think the last time I saw his show was when Kennedy was an infant and I had issues with leaving the house at times. And there was that series about the one husband who was stalking his wife. Whack job. I watched that. Anyway...I have NO idea why she is telling me to call Dr. Phil. Her doctor is Dr. Carr and her dentist is Dr. Smithson, but we call her Ms. Sonia. Brian thinks that there is a Dr. Phil on one of the shows that she watches, but I've never heard it mentioned before. The funny thing is, this isn't the first time she said I needed to call Dr. Phil, but the first time I just laughed and thought it was funny. But apparently in her little mind, he is a doctor who can make mommy all better. She's a hoot.

Blog ya later!


Lianna Knight said...

Too hilarious! It's it so funny the things kids come up with???

Hope you're feeling better!

Ramie :-) said...

Does she watch Sesame Street? There's a Dr Feel on there, and he's played by Dr Phil.....its relatively new (last 2 years at most), but we see it quite often!
Too funny!!!

Ellen said...

Yes, I was going to agree with ramie-- Dr. Feel is on Sesame Street with cameos by Dr. Phil quite often.