Sunday, February 26, 2006

Two front teeth

Well...ALMOST! You can see the top of one of them. Miss K has turned into Princess Drool Face. She has been really fussy today. Her rash is looking a million times better. It started looking better after the first 24 hours of the medication that they were giving her. no more screaming when the diaper is being changed! Praise the Lord! As soon as those teeth make an appearance, I will be sure to post a picture of them! I can't wait!

This weekend has been pretty laid back. Brian went out of town Saturday morning at 6am to head to Crossville to spend the weekend playing golf with the guys. He SO needed to do this. Work has been very stressful for him recently and he needed a break. I took Jenni Bowlin's class at my 'happy place', Scrap It! on Saturday. Miss K and my mother came and hung out while I was taking the class. As soon as I actually finish the page, I will post it. (Don't hold your breath!) Then we spend the day running around. I got my hair all chopped off. Then we ended the evening with a steak at Longhorn. Just us girls. It was fun, but I really missed having Brian at home. I think Miss K did too because she woke up at 11:15 last night screaming. I ended up letting her sleep on Brian's side of the bed. Brian usually does the evening routine with her, so I think that confused her.

Okay...I need to go to bed. We have a VERY busy week ahead of us. I have a Pampered Chef party at my house on Tuesday and I totally forgot to mail the invites out. So, I emailed everyone this evening. I hope they show up! If you are reading this and you need something, let me know! I want to order their cookware. Mine is in need of replacement. I heard that PC cookware is pretty awesome. We shall see!!!

Friday, February 24, 2006



Okay. Here is goes. A week and a half ago Miss K started getting a pretty bad diaper rash. I mentioned it to Dr. Hottie when we went to see him. He said to put A&D on it and keep her in a clean diaper all the time. It was better for a few days, then it got worse. He calls the house to follow up on something else and I mention the rash to him again. He said to put Neosporin on it. Then coat it with A&D. Just got worse. Now it is bleeding and it is raw. Call and talk to the phone nurse. She tells me to put Lotrimun on it and coat it with A&D. At this point I am thinking I should be buying stock in A&D. I ask the nurse just how bad does it have to be before they want to see her. Her answer....they don't want to see her for a diaper rash. Whatever. Today it was the worst it has ever been. Now she is screaming everytime I touch her bottom when I am cleaning it. That's it. I call the doctor and tell them I NEED to bring my child in for a DIAPER RASH. I knew that something was wrong. I knew I should have brought her in when it first started. Dr. Hottie wasn't available, so we saw another doctor. The first thing she says is...ummmm, it isn't a diaper rash. I KNEW IT! So, now we are on more meds. Dr. H said that we should see an inprovement within the next 48 hours.

As I am typing this, Miss K is sitting in her baby bath tub in a warm water baking soda front of the television in the living room. She's having her own little party with her ducks. Lots of fun. I just hope that she starts getting better soon. Brian is leaving to go out of town tomorrow morning to play golf for the weekend. So, we are on our own this weekend! Keep your fingers crossed that it goes well!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I am in total awe

So, Miss K had a play date on Tuesday with some of her "peeps" that we've met through Gymboree, MOPS and the MeetUp group. So, we pack up and head over to Miss L's house. (I don't want to list anyone's names without their permission and I don't think any of them even know I have a blog.) I knew that her house was going to be nice, but I don't think I was prepared for what I saw. Let's just say that Miss L's mommy has AWESOME taste. Her house looks like a model home. You would swear that the entire thing was decorated by a professional. Nope, Miss L's mommy did it all on her own. I've never seen anything like it before. Every single room was done. Even the laundry room was all organized. I am going to die of TOTAL embarassment when she comes to my house. I am sure my face was so green while I was there. Green with ENVY. I want so much to live in a house like that. But, I will admit it. I am a HUGE slob. I HATE to clean. I was born without the cleaning gene. I think I got an extra shopping gene instead. Well, the dirt and clutter stops here. I AM GOING TO LIVE IN A HOUSE LIKE THAT. Clean and organzied and decorated and comfy. That's what I want. I've even asked Miss L's Mommy to help me. (Not with the cleaning. Although, I DO need some SERIOUS intervention on the cleaning front. I am the perfect candidate for Clean Sweep.) I sent Miss L's Mommy my first list of questions that I had for her. She will laugh at all the goofy questions I have for her. But I will be honest, I have no sense of style when it comes to decorating anything! I get these ideas and then I buy half the stuff and then it never gets done. I start on one project and then never finish it. I'ma changin' my ways! Stay tuned for updates on how my "progress" goes! I am vowing not to start this project and then not finish it!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

One of the few...

This is one of the few photos of Miss K and I together. I am ALWAYS behind the camera. When we dropped Grandma Linda off at the airport, she whipped out the camera and snapped a few of Miss K and I. They aren't great, but they are the only recents ones I have of us. I probably have less than 10 pictures of us together. I think I need to make an effort to get pictures of us TOGETHER. I'm bad. I prefer to be BEHIND the lense!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Have you ever just felt so helpless?

I took Miss K to see her doctor last week about a concern that Brian and I had. He agreed that it was something that needed to be looked further into and wanted to consult with another doctor to see if he felt the same way. He told me that it was nothing and they probably wouldn't want to even look at her.

So, her doctor called today and the specialist DOES want to see her within the next week to give her another check up and see what course of action, if any, needs to be taken. I couldn't even breathe the entire time he was telling me all this. When he was through, he asked me if I had any questions and I just started bawling. I couldn't talk or get out a complete sentence. Of course I have a million and one questions, but I can't think fast enough to get everything out! I did ask him a few questions and he kept telling me not to be worried. I just laughed at that. Any of you who REALLY know me know that I obsess and stress out over things like this.

So, please say a prayer for Miss K. Pray that all of this really is nothing and that she is a perfectly healthy little girl. Pray for me that I don't go insane with all the waiting. Too much idle time gives me too much time to think about all the things that could be wrong.

Please just pray for us.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Let me just say.....

I hate snow. I always have. I've been skiing one time in my life and I hated it. So, I was NOT one bit please when I woke up Saturday morning to snow everywhere and steadily coming down. I was afraid that it was going to interfere with my trip to my 'happy place', Scrap It!

So, this morning when I woke up, I was glad to see that no more snow had fallen. My neighbor called to invite my mom to go sledding with them. She just moved here from Texas and hasn't really been in snow. So, I took her down to the hill in our neighborhood to meet up with our friends so she could sled. I wanted to get some pictures of her sledding. Well, my friends were giving me a hard time about not sledding, so I finally threw my hands up and said I would do it. IT ROCKED! I got wet, but I didn't care. I was having a blast. I went back home to get Brian so he could go down there and sled. He laughed at me because he grew up in Michigan and they use to sled all the time in REAL snow. But, we bundled Miss K up in about 4 layers of clothes, a mommy size scarf and a blanket and took her down there. She didn't smile the entire time she was out there. But Brian did take her down the hill once, but she wasn't impressed. Might be more fun next year when she is older!

I did get to go to my happy place on Saturday. It was the first time I've been to Scrap It's! super crop. I had a great time. I finished a kit that I bought like a year ago that never got done. I completed a class that Ms. Tracie Claiborne taught last month, but I had to leave early because of SNOW and then I started on my Lisa Bearson "All About Me" kit that I bought on QVC. It's a great kit and I told myself that I HAD to have this album completed before the second one arrived. I also got a chance to take Ms. Tracie's Layout Take out while I was there. I even had a cute photo of Miss K and I was able to complete the layout right then and there! I "borrowed" this photo from Ms. Tracie's blog. She rocks, so I don't think she will mind! As soon as I figure all this blog stuff out, I will put a link to her blog on my blog.

Monday, February 13, 2006

I got a crown today...

Too bad it wasn't one for my royal little head. Now it seems that I have a royal tooth in my mouth. (It ought to be royal. That thing cost me $400!) Happy early birthday to me. That has to be one of the worst experiences I've had. That is including my c-section! Stupid me used my tonuge to "feel around" while I was waiting for the dentist to come back. OH MY GOSH! What the heck happened to my tooth! I guess I should have asked specifically what happend when you got a crown! FREAKED ME OUT! And to top it all off, I have to go back tomorrow because the temporary crown is "too high" so every time I chew on my right side, I end up biting down on my crown. I am thinking of writing a letter to the tooth fairy and pleading my case and promise that I will NEVER stray from my dentist again if she will just LEAVE my other teeth alone!

We took Miss K to a birthday party this weekend. She LOVES being around older kids. She wants to be right where they are and she wants to do what they do. I don't think she realizes that she can't even crawl yet. One of the kids blew one of those air yoyo things at her and she starting cracking up. We were all laughing at her. Brian thought it was a riot and kept laughing at her.

And today I have just been really in the dumps. I guess because tomorrow I will turn 34 years old. I can not believe I just typed that. I will be 34. Where has all the time gone? Sometimes I feel like I have accomplished nothing in my life and then I look at my amazing daughter and know that if I never do anything else in my life, I have accomplished more than I ever hoped to. I brought that beautiful little girl into the world.

Okay...I am off to bed. I promise to try and update my blog more often. I just have so much going on right now. There aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done that needs to be done and I have to get at least six hours of sleep to be able to function above zombie level!