Monday, November 27, 2006

Charlie Brown Christmas

Another favorite! I can't wait for Miss K to be a little bit older so that she will want to actually watch the Peanut movies with me.

Sunday, November 26, 2006


I am so making this! I saw this on her blog from last year and loved it. So, Miss K and I are headed out tomorrow to pick up supplies to make it. I am pretty sure I have everything except for the cookie sheet. I'll post it as soon as I am done

Monday, November 20, 2006

Emotions's been awhile. We have had so much going on in our household. We left Tennessee at 2:00 Tuesday afternoon and arrived a little after midnight in Michigan. Miss K did not go to sleep until 2:30am and she only napped for about an hour in the car. LONG trip, but she did so good. So, we spent 3 days in a hotel while Brian was in a workshop and then we headed to my inlaws house Friday after looking at some apartments and having lunch.

So...emotions. ALL over the place right now.

*Mad....I am sick again. I hate being sick and am really mad that I have to deal with this during the holidays. I am mad at myself for being so unorganized and not being able to bring some things with me that I wanted to.

* be spending time with my inlaws. My sister in law and her husband will be here on Wednesday and I can't wait to see them. Have I ever mentioned that I love my inlaws? (That is not a joke...I LOVE my husband's immediate family.) Happy that my husband is off the entire week of Thanksgiving and can spend some quaility time with his family.

*Stress...stuff going on with Brian's job that he has asked me not to mention in detail on my blog. He is not stressed out about it, but I stress enough for both of us. And, my dog had a seizure about 3 hours into our drive and my Mom had to rush her to the vet. I cried and cried. I told Brian about an hour before we left that I had a bad feeling about going on the trip and then that happened. I hate that I wasn't the one to be there for her.

*Sad...Brian's grandfather has been in the hosptial for the past 3 days and we don't know when he will be getting out. Sad that my mother in law doesn't feel like she is "connecting" with Miss K. She took me by surprise when she said that. Miss K is not a cuddly, lovey baby. She is very independent and would rather play by herself than have someone play with her. Maybe that is my fault? Maybe I don't show her enough attention? Am I a bad Mommy?

*Irritated... We got some information from our relocation consultant and I am irritated with the "policy" and how they aren't willing to work with us on anything. So, it is looking like I will be storing 2000 sq. feet of household goods for a year. Did I ever happen to mention that I am a pack rat?. This also means that I am losing ALL of my scrapbook space.

*Thankful... My parents are NOT going to the Middle East for work. I know that my father was looking forward to the job, but I am so thankful that they are staying in the states. I wanted to be excited for them with this opprotunity, but it was hard to imagine them being so far away in an area where there is so much going on. I am thankful for my beautiful daughter and my wonderful, loving and supportive husband. I am thankful for my annoying, but loving family. Thankful that my mom is staying at my house and watching my doggies and kitties so that we can go on our trip.

Okay...I am off to bed. Brian and his dad get up at 4:30 to go hunting, so I need to get some things ready for him in the morning. Tomorrow my mother in law and I are going shopping. She wants to buy Miss K a new pair of shoes. Miss K is OBSESSED with shoes. Oh...Miss K has really come out of her shell on this trip. My MIL has an Amish girl, Gina that works for her. Miss K LOVES Gina. She gets so excited when she sees Gina and when she leaves, she will ask me, "Where she go?" She actually asks the question. She stayed with my MIL for about 2.5 hours while Brian and I took his Grandmother into Battle Creek to her chemo appointment. And my child, who usually cries everytime I leave her, did not cry one single time while we were gone. YEAH!

Okay...I've gone on and on about nothing. I hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Sorry no photos this time. My inlaws still have dial up...too slow!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Yep, still alive.

Okay...the dogs aren't really going anywhere. There are days I would like to just open the front door and set them free (today was one of those days), but we won't be getting rid of them.

I was icky and under the weather on and off for about 3 weeks. Felt awful. Wednesday was the worst. I dropped Miss K off at school and said a prayer that she would not be fussy and whiney the entire time she was there, (she did great) and I came home and went to sleep. It must have been a 24 hour bug because Thursday I felt fine. Now, if the weather will stop acting up, things will be fine. It was freezing this morning and by this afternoon it was 78 degrees. What is up with that?

So, I bought Miss K the cutest Christmas dress last year on clearance. I loved it the minute I saw it and had to have it. I got it for a whooping $10. Looks just like this dress at Hanna Andersson. There is a very slight difference. Mine came with a cute little hat. Miss K does not wear hats. At least she didn't last year. I put one on and she would pull it off. It was a never ending battle. So, I thought I would start working on her early this year. She did really good about leaving the elephant head on for Halloween. I took the hat out and showed it to her and then it disappeared. She opened her dresser drawer and buried it in there. I found it today while I was getting her clothes out. I let her play with it and I set it on my head and the she tried to put it on her head and then on my head. Then she handed it to me and patted her head. I put it on her and she pranced around the house for 30 minutes with it on. She laughed when she saw herself in the mirror. She only wore it for about 5 minutes tonight when I showed my mom, but she wore it. I am going to work with her a little each day to see if I can't get her use to it. Since we are moving to Michigan in January, she is going to have to get use to wearing a hat. Not that I plan on being outside for extended periods of time this winter, but I do plan on leaving the house on ocassion!

GM is messing up my holiday plans for Thanksgiving! We spend Thanksgiving up in Michigan with my wonderful inlaws. So, our plans were to have Brian schedule a business trip the week after Thanksgiving and Miss K and I would check the area out and try and look at the corporate apartments we will be living in. Brian is on business trip this week and calls last night to tell me that most likely he will have to be in Michigan again next week, but we can just go a week earlier and do everything and then be there for Thanksgiving and then come home. HELLO? I've got a stuff already planned around our original 'plan'. Still up in the air and we probably won't know for sure until Friday afternoon. Monday is a plant holiday, so at least we will have an extra day to get stuff done if we do have to rush off to Michigan. But, that means I will have to miss Amber's class and I am really bummed about that!

Okay...enough complaining! I am off! Have an awesome weekend!

Friday, November 03, 2006

How did your day start out?

Mine started at 6:42 am when I woke up with my husband next to me. Not good. Why do you ask? He is usually sitting at his desk by 6:15 am. So, off to work he goes and Miss K and I get up. She gets changed and I get a shower. Bedroom door stays shut and all is good. For some reason, I had to go into the bonus room before I got dressed. So, I turned on the TV and Miss K sat on the floor playing with her toys. I went to get dressed. I was in my room for less than TWO MINUTES. I won't go into too much detail, but let's just say it involved Miss K, doggie poo, carpet, a wall, a trash can and a door. It is going to end with about 2 extra loads of laundry which is not good since I am about 3 days behind already and the carpets getting cleaned this afternoon. Spot cleaning is going to have to do until she does down for a nap. I have so much to do today...this just adds to it. I am so glad that Brian has a 4 day weekend.

I know...I am wasting time blogging. Off I go.

Anyone interested in owning a couple of cocker spaniels?