Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fundraiser for K's school

This is a fundraiser for K's school. For every book that we sell, the school gets $5. Stepping Stones is a very small school and they are currently raising money to redo their playground.

I have to turn the orders in by Feb. 26th. The books will be delivered on the 4th of March.

You can see all the different books here:

Here is the information I will need for the book:
Your Name:
Boy or Girl
Book Title
First Name
Name called (if different)
Middle Name
Last nameHometown
Friends or Relative (1 to 3 names)
Dedication: (With love from, Happy Birthday... or whatever you decide)
This book is from:
Date of gift printed in book:
Additional Information need for specific books
My Birthday Wish: birthdate needed
Hockey Hero: Favorite Hockey Team
Ballerina Princess: Ballet teachers name (opt.)
No More Diapers: Name of potty-trained sibiling or friend
Name of adult helping with training
Tea Party: Name of adult helper
Sibiling Book: Baby's name and gender

Payment information: Cash, checks, Visa & Mastercard. Total for the books after tax is $16.33


Who knew going back to work 8 hours a week would throw me outta wack. I will admit, even though I am only in the classroom for 8 hours, I've spent a lot of time outside of it working on little projects for the kids. I was basically handed this class and was told I had to start from scratch because the previous teacher wasn't doing anything. It was a little stressful the first week. Last week was great. Thursday was by far the best day. We did this great little craft project that the kids loved. And one mom even commented that this was the first time her son was ever excited about showing her something he had done at school.

It's still unorganized. I'm working on it. But, believe it or not, I LOVE being in the classroom and I love working with the littles. I want to go back to school and be either a pre-K or kindergarten teacher. I think those are the only ages I could handle. I'm doing a bit of research right now on places to get my certificate.

Busy week this week. I made my to do list and if I start working on it right now, don't go to sleep and just keep working, I MIGHT get 1/2 of it done. I probably need to go to bed, so I can get up at a decent hour and get to work on my list of stuff.

Okay...I've got to go to bed.

Blog ya later!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Behind, behind, behind....

Ever since our New Year got off to a rough start, I've not been able to get into a groove of any sort. I'm hoping to change that. I start working this week, so I need to really get on the ball and get some sort of system going. Today, even though it is beautiful outside, I am going to spend the day doing LAUNDRY. Seriously, I could wash for 24 hours straight and not be done.

I've got a million things going on today. This is a busy week. I need to sit down and make my list, but it is so overwhelming. ARG! I've got so many things going on right now. I need to stop, take a minute and work on ONE thing at a time and not stress about it.

I've got to finish typing up a list of donations I made to the school and then I am going to work on my menu for the week. When I'm done, I'll come back and post it.


Blog ya later.