Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Never looks like the photo on the box

So, tonight we decided after dinner to make our haunted gingerbread house. Here is Miss K showing you what our house is going to look like when it is all done... (Brian must be prepping her for a job on a game show because he kept telling her to hold her hands like "this" so that it looked like she is one of the Price is Right girls!)Brian and I are of the opinion that you need to be a professional in order for your house to look anything remotely similar to the one on the box. It looks jacked up, but we had fun doing it and that's all that matters. Miss K was eating the jelly beans instead of putting them on the house. She also decided to eat some of the black icing....nice. And also decided that there needed to be a piece of candy corn sticking out of the back of the house. You know what? It's her house, so if that's what she wanted, that's what she gets! Here is what our awesome hanuted house looks like:
Yea..I made the photo a little small. But, if you click on it, you can see the BIG photo. The house looks jacked up. Oh...you have to see the back of it too!
And you have to see the spider web that Brian put on the side of it as well. That turned out really neat looking. And to be honest...Brian did like 94% of the work. I did like 5% and Miss K did 1%. But it was fun! I did tell Brian that I was not going to buy the Christmas gingerbread house. We will just stick to decorating cookies on Christmas Eve for Santa! We had a blast doing that last year when my brother and his family were visiting us for Christmas. Well...it's late and I need to get to bed. Kennedy has a busy day tomorrow.

blog ya later!


Rebecca Jo said...

They NEVER look like the pics on the boxes - but that's what makes it original! And the best part is eating all the stuff anyways!

Lianna Knight said...

Too cute!! You guys did a great job... I think you should go for it on the gingerbread house too for christmas :)