Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Thank you!!!

I just wanted to thank those of you who emailed me. I am feeling a lot better today than I did yesterday. I got a couple of my "issues" resolved and I am just going to have to pray on a couple of them and then the others...I just gotta let them go. (Easier said than done if you know me!)

Tomorrow is Brian's birthday, so I am making one of his favorite dishes (Shrimp and Pepper Pasta) and then my mom is going to baby sit Miss K so that we can go to a movie. Unfortunatly, I think Miss K is getting an ear infection, so we are going to have to probably work a doctor's visit into our errands tomorrow. Big fun!

Thanks again ladies!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I am not sure why it is back, but it hit me like a ton of bricks last night when I was getting ready for bed. It might be the move we are about to make. It might be the tension between me and my best friend. It might be me doubting my mothering skills. (I had someone tell me that I was the reason the Miss K was fat.) It might be my constant worrying about money. It could be stuff going on with my Mother. It could be a hundred other things.

I'm going to take a break for awhile. I've got a lot to do and I have a consignment sale to get ready for as well. Maybe doing some stuff will help me out.

Hope you all had a good holiday.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Miss K is 10 months old today

It doesn't seem possible, but she is! I can not believe that she is almost a year old. I see little tiny babies everywhere these days and I can't remember her being that small. And when I ask them how big their baby is, Miss K was smaller than that when she was their age. She just packed it on fast. The past couple of days I've had a number of people comment on her weight. I had to bite my tounge Tuesday when some freaked marched up to me and informed me that my child was extremely overweight and I needed to do whatever necessary to make sure that she doesn't put anymore weight on. She probably thought I was stupid because I just stared at her with my mouth wide open. I was taken back because we weren't having a conversation when this happened, she just walked up to me and blurted this out. When I finally composed myself enough to respond, I had to stop myself from saying what I really wanted to say. I had some choice names for this person. I won't refer to her as a lady because she was NOT a lady. Why do people find it so necessary to point out that Miss K is a big baby? I take her to the doctor regularly and he has told me every single time not to worry about her weight. And I'm not. Here is one of the photos from her 9 month portrait shoot. (I had these done 2 days before she turned 10 months. I'm really behind right now! This year has blown by us. I guess I need to start planning her party. I can't decide between a Baby Einstein or a Little People theme. I am leaning towards B.E.

OH! Look what I got today!!! I saw Ann's post on the Scrap It! blog and called Ann and told her I was coming in to get it. I've only had a few minutes to glance through it, but so far...I LOVE IT! I am hoping to get a chance to really sit down and bond with this book sometime this weekend. And how goofy am I? I didn't even realize until a couple of days ago that this was Memorial Day weekend. I need to find my calendar and get my organized again. Especially with all the stuff we have going on right now and all the stuff coming up!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Miss K's got a new word

Up until now, she has pretty much just said Mama, Dada and da. We've figured out that da means dog because she says it anytime she sees a dog. This evening when I was giving her a bath, she was standing up banging on the side of the tub saying 'Pawpaw'. That's what we call my dad. She kept saying it over and over again and then laughing. My dad tried to get her to say pawpaw the entire time he was here. She loves him. He kept her laughing pretty much the entire time they were here.

We stayed pretty busy the entire time my parents were here. We took Miss K to get her 9 month portraits done. She is usually full of smiles, but yesterday she was keeping them all to herself. The CD of the photo shoot is out in the car, so I will have to post them tomorrow. Once her daddy showed up, she smiled a couple of times, but it was a chore to get those out of her. Yesterday we took my parents to storytime at the library. Miss K loves storytime. I think she likes Mary Mary and the Professor more then she likes me sometimes. And when the puppets come out! My parents were really impressed with the storytime and how much stuff they do and how much the interact with the kids...even the ones as small as Miss K. That is one thing we are really going to miss if/when we temporarily relocate. I'll have to make sure I find another storytime for her somewhere. If not...I'll pull the puppets out at home and cue up the music! Lord knows we have enough books in our house to start our own children's library. I think I will have problems with the juggling though!

Okay...I just got done watching American Idol. I really like Taylor, but I don't think he was the right person to win. I think Katharine sings better. Oh well. I think they will both do well. I think Carrie Underwood sounded AWESOME. She sounds even better than she did when she won last year.

Well...tomorrow is a new day. I know that we probably need some 'downtime' to recover from my parent's visit, but Miss K has a playdate at the Zoo with her friend Miss A.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Busy! Busy! Busy!

My parents are here and we are having a blast. Here is some MAJOR news.... MISS K IS OVER HER SEPARATION ANXIETY!!!!!! I can not even begin to tell you how excited I am about this. I kind of noticed on Thursday night when Brian handed her over to a friend of mine that Miss K had never really been around before and she didn't freak out. Same thing the next day, but this time it was our neighbor that she sees at least 4 times a week and will usually cry when she tries to hold her. The big test was seeing my parents. Since they live in Texas, they haven't seen us since Christmas. Miss K was only 5 months old then, so I was prepared for the tears and screaming to start as soon as they touched her. She has been one happy child the entire time that they have been here. My parents can't get enough of her. My stepmom is constantly taking her photo and my Dad wants to show her off to anyone he can. My dad is one of those people who never met a stranger. It's been great because she isn't screaming for me and only me to hold her.

So, we had to stop at Target after lunch at Panera yesterday. I have to keep an eye on my dad. If we aren't careful, we would end up with half the toy department in our living room. We are standing in the baby section looking at clothes and here comes my Dad pulling Miss K in a wagon. It was too funny and she thought it was great. He really wanted to get it for her, but I am fairly certain that there is some kind of weight capacity on the little plastic wagon, and I bet ya $10 she exceeds that limit! (25.5 pounds at her 9 month check up!) So, even though we didn't end up with the wagon, I couldn't resist taking some photos. They turned out AWFUL. I showed them to Brian and told him they would have been awesome photos if I had been using a dRebel!

Tomorrow Miss K and I are taking Pawpaw and Nana to story time at the library. Then Miss K is going to get her 9 month portrait taken. I'm bad and haven't had it done yet. I still have time though! She won't be 10 months until the 25th!

We are keeping busy with our visitors and then starting this weekend we are going to start working on small projects around the house. Just things that we have been meaning to do, but haven't gotten around to yet. If we are thinking about selling the house, these things need to be done now! I also didn't get a chance to participate in the community yard sale this past weekend. I just waited until the last minute to try and get stuff together and when I finally started, Miss K wanted my full attention. So, I am going to participate in the one we are having in September and will be getting rid of a LOT of stuff. I am also working on finding a place to host a scrapbook garage sale. Brian already told me that I need to get rid of half of my stuff before we move. The majority of it will have to go into storage unless we find a place in Michigan that has an office or we end up with a 3 bedroom.'s late! Night!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

On her way...

Miss K has progressed to another stage...standing. She stands constantly. This morning I took her downstairs and sat her on the floor while I was getting her bottle ready. I heard banging on the sliding door and I looked over and saw her standing at the sliding door looking at the cat sitting on the deck. Guess she was trying to get Tabby's attention. Her favorite place to stand is at her Leap Frog table. That is where you will usually find her. She does tend to get a little mad if she gets standing up somewhere and she can't figure out what to do. As I type this, she is standing at the gate and she is mad because....well, I am not sure why she is mad, but she is yelling as she is standing there.

Yesterday when we went shopping, I got her a couple pair of sandals from TCP. Those are the only shoes that fit her feet right now. Well, unless I spend $30 at Stride Rite. My child has the chubbiest feet. I need to get a picture of those feet.

I think we are about to have some big changes here in the Cross household. Brian just found out today that he is going to start traveling to Michigan sooner than he originally thought. We are talking about Miss K and I going to stay in Michigan with him. We are also considering selling our house. As much as we love it, we both think that it is time to move. Some strange things are going on in our community. When the "program" job is over, we would come back to the Nashville area and buy a house in another area. Lots of stuff going to happen in the next 6 months. I hate the thought of Brian only being able to see Miss K once every other weekend.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My canvas.

So, my happy place, Scrap It! ( had a class on Monday that was taught by Amber McDonald. ( She is a great teacher and she also designs her own line of paper. She's a super sweetie. So, her class was about scrapbooking on canvas. I went in with an idea of what I was going to do. Even picked out a couple of photos for it. Well, that all changed and I decided to do a photo from Miss K's swimming class. It turned out really great! At least, I think it did!

Today Miss K and I went shopping with some of our new friends. We headed out to Opry Mills. We hit some GOOD sales. The Children's Place is currently having their 50% off the marked down clothing. We got socks for 19 cents apiece. The cheapest pair were 9 cents apiece. I got some sleepers for $3.00 apiece. Pretty good. They had quite a bit of stuff on sale.Then we went to the Disney store. I got Kennedy a pair of fleece pj's for $1.50. They were also having 50% off some of their sale items.I probably could have done some more damage, but I need to clean Kennedy's closet out first and see what see needs. I also stopped at Scrap It! to get some of the new Basic Grey ribbon that they have out. I got the Hang Ten and Oh Baby! ribbons. I am planning on using some of them tonight on a page I am working on. The ribbons are beautiful.

We are having a community yard sale on Saturday and then my parents will be in town on Sunday morning, so I need to get busy and get some stuff done before they get here!

Monday, May 15, 2006

My favorite new picture

We went to member night at the Zoo with some friends on Saturday night. We had a great time. Miss K really likes the Zoo. It isn't the animals she's the PEOPLE. She is such a people watcher. So, we were getting ready to leave and she started getting fussy in her stroller, so Daddy popped her up in his shoulders and she thought that was the best thing in the world! I love the smiles that they both have on their faces. Makes my heart happy to see this picture.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Blame it on the dogs!

Maxie and Betty Boop, our cocker spaniels, are the reason that Kennedy started crawling. The first place she went when she figured the crawling thing out was the dog kennels. She really wanted to get in there with them. Now, the dogs will sit at the top of the stairs that lead to the bedrooms and watch her. They know that she can't get to them up there.....yet. Today she has decided to try and climb the stairs. She only got as far as standing up, but the dogs now know that they only safe place is outside or in the bed!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Okay...please go vote for my daughter

Jones Soda Co. is having a contest where you cansubmit photos and if you win, your photo will be on asoda bottle. So, I submitted two of Kennedy. So,please go take a look at them and vote for her!

This is my favorite one:

This is the other one I submitted. This one was thewrong photo, but by the time I went back to change it,people had already started to vote for it.