Friday, October 03, 2008

Hollye's Code of Holiday Conduct

I'm funny about holiday stuff. I won't put out Fall/Halloween stuff until October 1st. I REFUSE to put out anything Christmas related until December 1st. I will not even listen to Christmas music until December 1st. Well, here is it October 3rd and I am currently playing a Christmas CD in my truck. Faith Hill has a new CD out and it is Christmas music. It's sort of big band and I actually like it. Today was the first time that O'holy Night has made me cry. But, to be honest, I've had a rough couple of days, so I am good for a good crying episode!

Well...I made the decision to NOT garage sale this time. I'm going to sort, make lists and cart it all off to Goodwill. I've got some big ticket items that I will be listing on Craigslist. I'm also going to be selling a lot of Miss K's clothes. I donated a lot of stuff, but this is her Gymboree stuff, Janie & Jack, and boutique stuff that I refuse just to give to Goodwill. So, I'm hoping to get clothes washed and sorted this weekend and next week. My child has WAY too many clothes. I got upset because I couldn't find anything nice in my closet to wear out to dinner last night. Miss K has an entire closet full of new clothes, not to mention her dresser is full as well! I think once I lose 11 more pounds, I am going to have to buy some clothes that fit. I am tired of walking around with baggy butt jeans. Sad thing...I've also got a closet full of clothes and about 80% off it doesn't fit anymore.
Well, I need to go see what sort of destruction my child has left in the spare bedroom. We are in the process of making that room a playroom, so it's just a mess in there and she does her best to get into things that she KNOWS she isn't suppose to be messing with! Dang kid.
Blog ya later.

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