Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Parade

Today was our neighborhood's annual Halloween parade. This is the 4th year that it's been held. And this was the first year that I wasn't responsible for doing anything other than helping with the actual parade part. There are other things that go on as well. It was nice just to enjoy everything and not worry about making sure that things were going well. Anna, the lady who organized it all ROCKS. She had everything so well organized and it went to smoothly. And there were so many kiddos. You can tell that we had a population boom about 3 years ago here in the Village. It was a lot of fun. Miss K was so cute in her Sleeping Beauty costume. Her monkey was dressed as a puppy dog. We got the costume from Pottery Barn Kids last year after Halloween. They had costumes for some stuff animals they had and it fits's a little big, but it works. And her Beary was Cinderella. Beary was dressed as Sleeping Beauty at first, but she decided to change the clothes. She has 4 princess outfits for her BAB. The other two are Snow White and Little Mermaid. The Little Mermaid outfit it so cute. It even has a red wig! So, I entered a pie in the pie contest. I made this great peanut butter pie that I think is pretty dang awesome. It's my friend Kennington's recipe. I took the pie down there, put my little tent sign in front of it and left it at that. I didn't vote. Why didn't I think to vote? Why? I lost. By one freakin' vote. My neighbor Ellen won with her chocolate chip pie. Ellen...if you are reading this, please email me your recipe. So, not only did I lose the pie contest, but I didn't even get a piece of the dang pie that I love so much! This evening I got all the goodie bags for K's class stuffed. I will put together her teacher's buckets later this week. Busy week for us, but it's going to be a lot of fun. K thinks the dressing up for Halloween thing is a blast. I'm a little disappointed in her costume already because the hem has already come out. She just needs to wear it a couple more time and then it will go into the dress up box for her to play with. I'm thinking that next year I'm going to try and get her to be Little Red Riding Hood. I saw a super cute costume on someone's blog the other day and I think K would look adorable in it. But...I've a whole year to decide! Well...I need to get in bed. It's late.

blog ya later!


Rebecca Jo said...

You forgot to vote? And then lose by one vote - that's horrible!! But your little Princess looks adorable!!! Little girls are so much fun with dress up!

Renee said...

my neighborhood does nothing! Sounds like fun where you live.
Bummer about the pie thing.

Shoot. Now I want pie.