Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It wasn't bad at all...

So, the bra shopping wasn't bad at all. I was actually a little irritated. I walked into the store, started digging around in the drawers looking for what I thought might be my size. I grab a couple and head to the dressing room. The dressing room is right next to the register. There were three women working there. Did not say a single word to me. I found a bra that fit (2 sizes smaller than I wore last time I bought bras! GO ME!) I checked out and the only thing the sales girl said was, "would you like to apply for one of our credit cards?" Woman, have you not been watching the news? The LAST thing I need is a damn credit card! So, very uneventful shopping experience until......I took Miss K to Gymboree. I ordered a TON of stuff on line and never tried it on her. I knew that some of the stuff was not going to fit and I needed to exchange it, but I needed to try the stuff on her. The trying on was no problem at all. Until she needed to go to the potty. She went willingly to the bathroom, but the minute she saw the toilet, she lost it. I actually held her while she was sitting on it and she was FREAKING out. So, I had to go out to the truck and get the Royal Potty. Damn potty. The things we do for our children. I look like such a goof ball carrying a potty into a restroom that has a working toilet! So, after that I got her calmed down. When we got there, we were the only people in the store, so Miss K had to run of the place. She set her the chairs in front of the TV the way she likes them. (She put them in a certain order by color and lines them up like a train.) There are 3 chairs. One little girl. Happy, happy. Then in came a family with 3 or 4 kids. I can't remember. K was sitting in the orange chair hanging out. I asked her to stand up so I could try a dress on her. She stood next to the chair while I put the dress on her. I guess the little boy assumed that he could take the chair and sat in it. K flipped out. I am not one to correct someone else's children, so I told K we had to share. It just got worse from that point on. Screaming. I had them hold the stuff I want to get with my Gymbucks and we left. We get outside and she is begging me not to take her home. She doesn't want to go home. I think she thought I was going to make her take a nap. I'm not even going to fight that battle with her.

Goals didn't go so well today....

*got 3 loads of laundry done
*cooked dinner - turkey tenderloin, rice, green beans

That's it. I wasted a whole day and got nothing done. Loser.

Tomorrow is another day. Blog ya later.

Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm pissed, but it's my fault.

I have cats. One of them is the meanest cat in the world, Socks. Miss K refers to her as "mean cat". And she lives up to that name in every way. She was a happy and sweet kitten when we got her. Then I made this mistake of bringing home a second cat. I honestly don't think she ever forgave me for that. Tabby, who my dog walker, Delaynie has renamed "Meow's Alot" is one of the sweetest cats, but she is so lovable sometime that it can drive you nuts. And Tabby is one hairy cat. And if she gets stressed out...she sheds...a lot. Once I brought home Maxie, the first cocker spaniel, Socks became Satan's spawn. And when Betty Boop, the rescue cocker spaniel came to live with us, it was all out WAR. She's just a mean old cat. I think she is something like 12 years old. She's lost a number of teeth, but she can still bite pretty hard. And she makes it a point to bite my toes if she sees them sticking out from under the blankets when I am in bed. And she only bites me. Miss K is smart enough to stay away from her. And the dang cat doesn't hiss, she spits. It truly sounds like she is spitting at you when she gets mad.

ANYWAY...back to the point of this blog post... Two goals this week were to spend time cleaning the garage and the craft room. I sorted a couple of boxes in the garage earlier today and this evening I started working in the craft room. I keep the doors in there shut at all times, so I have no idea WHEN this happened, but I picked up a canvas bag that was sitting on a box FULL of paper. The damn cat peed on it. On the bag. Thankfully, it didn't get on anything else. At this point, I am angry. But the ONLY person I have to blame is myself. No one else. Then I pick up some home dec fabric that I bought to make drapes for my dining room. The damn cat peed on it too! I was so mad. And I KNOW that it was Socks. She is the one who does stuff like that. Tabby will just cry and cry if her litter box needs to be cleaned. Oh my goodness that cat is annoying when she wants something. Socks on the other hand is an agent of the devil sent here to torture me. I'm quite certain of this. And, I am not the type of person who gets rid of animals, but if I could find a home where I know that Socks would be well taken care of, I would give her away. She needs to be an only animals in a house. Our house has another cat and a dog. (Betty Boop passed away in May.)

Again...back to the point. If there weren't PILES of stuff all over my craft room, the dang cat wouldn't be peeing on stuff. ARG! And at this point, I seem to be just moving piles of stuff around. We are suppose to have a garage sale this weekend. I was planning on using the money to pay for part of my embroidery machine that I want to get. But I am seriously thinking of just making 500 trips up the street to the local Goodwill and giving everything to them and not messing with the yard sale. Brian keeps telling me that the tax write off it worth so much more than we will make in cash. At this point, I am SERIOUSLY considering it. But, if I go the Goodwill route, I have to set a deadline for getting all the crap out of the garage. What to do...what to do?

As for my goals today...
*I spent about an hour and 45 minutes working in the craft room and the garage. Almost two hours.
*I made dinner. Whole wheat pasta spaghetti. I'm really trying to like it, but it tasted like stale pasta to me. I've already got everything together for dinner tomorrow night.
*I took my book club book to the park with me. That's as close to reading as I got today. I have a feeling that I am not going to get the reading done. Which at this point doesn't matter a whole lot because I am not sure I am going to be able to attend the meeting anyway. I've got so much stuff to do.
*K's Halloween skirt? I've taken the pattern out of the envelope and looked at it. I also read the tutorial that I have for making the skirt from that specific pattern.

I think that's about it. I took Miss K and her friend for a playdate. We had Dippin' Dots ice cream at 10:30 this morning. Yes, I know, I'm going to be voted Mom of the Year for that. Then we went to the park and had a picnic and played on the playground. It was a fun day. Miss K goes to school tomorrow, so will be home working on stuff.

Sorry to be so long winded... Blog ya later!

I hate shopping

Okay...if you REALLY know me, I bet your mouth is hanging open and you are yelling, "LIAR!" Let me clarify. I hate a certain kind of shopping. Bra shopping. To me...that's like worse then getting my teeth cleaned. (I actually enjoy my cleaning experience. My hygienist should be a stand up comedian.) Anyway. I use to be like the queen of bras. I had more bra/panty sets than I could wear in a 3 week time period. (This was pre Miss K.) Well...as I gained weight, the 'twins' grew. Lord did they grow. So, I finally decided to go in and have a bra fitting. WHAT A FREAKIN' JOKE. The girl pulls out her paper tape measure and announces that I am a 40C. I honestly think she was smoking crack. I told her something to that affect, but left out the crack comment. Just to "humor" her since she was INSISTENT that she was right, I 'shoved' myself into a 40C. And when I say shove, I mean I had to manipulate myself into the damn thing. Once I managed to get myself into it, I had cleavage up at my chin. I KID YOU NOT. And I could not breathe. I think I had more on the outside of the bra than what I had on the inside of the dang bra. It was horrible. The "bra specialist" never said another word to me. I finally grabbed a couple of ones that I thought were my size, tried them on until I found one that fit the way I liked. And because I can't do anything half-assed, I bought like 10 of them. EXPENSIVE. That was like a year ago. I am now down to two bras. This morning I was getting ready to head out for a playdate. Put my bra on and was immediately stabbed with wire. Dang wire snapped in half. Now....I know you are asking yourself, "why the heck did she let it get down to just two bras and ohmygosh is she wearing the same bra everyday? I let it get down to two bras because I've lost 50 pounds and I didn't want to replace all my bras while I was still losing weight. I've been meaning to go shopping for new ones, but I HATE SHOPPING FOR BRAS! And, believe it or not, I wash a load of clothes every night so that I will have a clean bra everyday. So, tomorrow after I take Miss K to school, I'm going to have to bite the bullet and buy some new bras that fit and aren't trying to kill me. The sad thing is...I love these bras. Hence me buying 10 of the same bra. I just looked on line and they are having a sale, buy one get one 1/2 off. So, about $60 for two bras.

Yes, I just did an entire blog entry about purchasing a dang bra. Tomorrow will most likely be a ranting session of how awful it was.

My child finally went down for a nap. I am going to take something out for dinner and then I am going to take a nap too.

Blog ya later!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Busy, busy!

I love being busy during the week because it makes the day go by faster so that the weekend comes sooner. However, I HATE being busy onthe weekends. And for the Cross family, October until the end of the year is BUSY for us. Anniversary, birthdays, holidays...all sorts of stuff. I LOVE FALL! Can't wait to get all my decorations out. But, I will not be able to get them out until after this weekend since we are cleaning and doing a community yard sale. LOTS of junk that needs to be cleaned out of the garage and the house. My goal this week is to spend at least one hour in the garage and one hour in the craft room everyday. If I do that, I will be in great shape. The yard sale is Saturday starting at 7 and lasts until 1. Miss K has a birthday party to attend at 10 on Saturday, so either Brian or I will take her and the other will stay home with the yard sale. I'm hoping I get to go the party because I know that she is doing a whole brunch for everyone from Puffy Muffin! I love Puffy Muffin. They have this chicken and tomato quiche that I LOVE!

So...here are my goals for this week:
*buy anniversary present for Brian (9 years!)
*make inventory list of cloth diaper stuff so that I can sell it. (If anyone is interested in cloth diapering, let me know! I've got a TON of stuff!)
*make list of extra Vera Bradley bags to sell. (if you emailed me for the list, I will send it to you as soon as it is done! Sorry it has taken me so long. I'm lazy.)
*cook dinner EVERY night (except Thursday night...we are going out for our anniversary!)
*spend one hour cleaning my craft room every day
*spend one hour cleaning the garage every evening
*make Miss K a halloween skirt!
*Read The Shack (this needs to be done before Tuesday evening since that is when book club meets. Can you say 'last minute'?)
*Catch up on laundry and get the laundry room organized. (how can I convince my husband to move the washer and dryer so that I can paint?)
*print out the stuff for my Simplify 101 workshop.
*Get my Christmas binder updated. (yes...I've already started my Christmas shopping thanks to sales at Gymboree and Old Navy!)

I'm sure I will have other things that I need to get done. But, I'll be lucky to get this stuff done! Okay...my husband is yelling for me to come help him fold clothes. I don't mind washing clothes, I HATE folding and putting away. That ranks right up there with cleaning toilets! Crud...just remembered I wanted to bake banana bread for my friend who just had a baby. I'm picking up her daughter for a playdate tomorrow. We are going to Dippin' Dots for a craft and ice cream...before lunch. Aren't I a super mom? HA!

And Lianna...I promise I will do your tag tomorrow. I just can't think if 7 random things about myself that people would actually find interesting.

Blog ya later!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Why do I do this?

I've mentioned on about oh....500 ocassions that I have a about 7000 unfinished projects in my craft room. And my craft room is a disaster. Can't even walk in there. At least I can shut the door...too bad they are glass paned french doors, so my mess is there for everyone to see. (I keep telling myself that I WILL have that room cleaned in time for bunco on the 9th.) Back to my point. I've been trolling Etsy.com for awhile checking out all the super neato stuff. I've made a couple of things I've seen on there. It's a great place to get crafty ideas. I've bought a ton of patterns to make felt food. I've bought all the felt. My hand stitching is CRAPPY, so I really need to work on it because the felt food it just too cute. So, I've seen these really cute halloween skirts and I wanted to get one for Miss K, but I know I can make one. I bought a pattern and some cute Halloween fabric. (I love the retro fabric the skirt on etsy is made out of, but I can never find anything like that. I got some while bright print that I think will look great for the skirt. And I am just using ONE fabric.) I AM DETERMINED TO MAKE MY CHILD A SKIRT! If you read my blog, please pester me about it and do NOT allow me to make excuses! I will NOT let this skirt become unfinished project number 7001!

I got to meet Baby Andrew today. So tiny. So snuggly. Miss K asked me why she didn't have a little brother or sister today. That caught me offguard. I asked her if she wanted one and she told me, "yes, pretty, pretty please. I did my best not to cry. She's going to be an only child. That's a fact. Nothing I can do about it. I'd love to be able to adopt, but we just don't have that kind of money right now. And, at the rate the economy is going, we won't for quite some time.

Getting ready to go to bed. I've got a pretty nasty headache. Blog ya later.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another Miss K funny

(I swear...this kid is going to end up doing stand up before she is 10.)

If you are a mommy of a little girl, you will probably understand this conversation.

We are out running errands today and K told me she wanted mac n' cheese for lunch. (big surprise, huh?) I pop on over to Burger King which now serves mac n' cheese on their kids menu. I ask K to grab a seat while I get all our stuff.

Miss K: (looking around at all the signs in the restuarant) Mommy?
Mommy: Yes?
Miss K: Mommy, are we eating at the King's Crown?
Mommy: (cracking up laughing) Yes! Yes we are!
Miss K: Oh wow! I'm just like Fancy Fancy now!
Mommy: Yes you are!
Miss K: (at the top of her lungs) Sally the camel has one hump! (totally nothing to do with Fancy Nancy. Just shows her ADD tendencies!)

Happy labor thoughts, please

A very good friend of mine, Kennington, is going into the hospital this morning to be induced. This is her second child. Miss K and I met Kennington and her daughter when we were taking a class at Gymboree. Both of the girls were bald-headed and couldn't even sit up. Now they are taking dance classes together. It's been such a blast watching these two little girls grow up together. So, if you think about it, say a quick prayer for my friend today. She's had a rough 24 hours dealing with her mother who apparently thinks that verbally attacking your daughter who is 9 months pregnant is an acceptable thing to do. I'll be headed to the hospital tomorrow morning with coffee from Dunkin' Donuts for the new mommy.

Update: Kennington had her baby this afternoon at about 12:30. Not sure what happened, but she had to have a c-section pretty much right away. I'll get the scoop tomorrow when I visit her at the hospital. Can't wait to snuggle her new baby boy. I love the way babies smell.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Heard on the baby monitor last night...

Miss K: Daddy...there something wrong with my night stand.
Brian: What's wrong?
Miss K: I think it's broken.
Brian: Why do you think that?
Miss K: It's meowing.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Play that Monkey Music

I have no idea what Miss K and Brian were talking about tonight when they were getting ready for bed, but Brian started singing Play that Funky Music. Miss K told him, it was Play that MONKEY Music. And you all know how much Miss K loves her monkey. There for awhile she was content to not take the monkey everywhere she went. Now for some reason, the monkey must go everywhere we go. It's actually gotten worse than it has been in the past.

Things are pretty crazy around here with the whole gas shortage. Who would believe that no place in the country besides Nashville is having a gas shortage. We are talking waiting in line for HOURS for gas. I remember as a kid sitting in my mom's car waiting in line for gas. Would have never imagined that we'd we dealing with something like this again. and it is making people CRAZY! I swear, people are acting like they are never going to be able to find gas again. We lucked out on Saturday night and found a Shell station that had gas and for some reason there was no line. If you went down one exit, there were 100 cars waiting to get gas. I did a little dance in the parking lot I was so excited we were able to get gas. Brian and I were both on E and we needed to get gas in order to be able to make a trip to Indy to pick Miss K up. She was having a little vacation of her own visiting her grandparents. She had a grand time. She went to the fair a couple of days. She got to pet a real live monkey. She baked pies and cinnamon rolls every day. She caught a 10 inch bass one aftrnoon while fishing with her grandpa. I know she had a great time, but we were really ready for her to come home. We had a bit of surprise for her when she got home. We decided she was ready for her big girl bed. So, that meant painting and redoing her entire room. I'll blog about that tomorrow. As for now...I was watching past episodes of Lost that I never got a chance to watch. I need to clear out the DVR since Brian has like 8 shows recording over the next couple of days!

Anyway...I've got LOTS to blog about, so I hope to get back into the habit of blogging everyday. Trying to make some changes here at home. I am hoping it I actually blog about it, it will hold me accountable.

Okay...off to watch Lost. Blog ya later!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Atleast he has a sense of humor about it...

I spoke to my dad this afternoon. I asked him what he was doing..."Just hanging out in the street being homeless." They've already talked to the insurance company. They are looking into getting a condo until their house is repaired/rebuilt. I'm truly hoping that it is rebuilt. It also sounds like the clinic that my stepmom works out was pretty much demolished as well. I'm trying to convince them to come stay with us for a couple of weeks. I'll even let them bring all their dang dogs!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

So very sad

My parents (dad and stepmom) live in Crosby, Texas. They were not in an area that was evacuated. We begged my dad not to stay, but my stepmom is a nurse for the county and they made the nurses work at the shelters that were set up around the city and my dad was not leaving without her. So, my dad was at home alone when the storm hit. They live in a very wooded neighborhood. The neighbors next door have two huge oak trees in their front yard. I should say...HAD. Both of those trees are now laying down the middle of my parent's house. Totally destroyed. Thank GOD my dad decided to go into the den where there are no windows. The tree took out the bed he had been lying in right before the trees fell. Best they can tell....the smaller tree fell into the larger tree pushing it over and they both landed on the house. I think my dad was in shock when I spoke to him this morning because he kept going on and on about all the money they had just put into the house redoing the kitchen, den, living room and utility room and a ton of new furniture. Yes, I am very sad that the home that he and my stepmom have made together for the past 12 years is destroyed, but I am so very thankful that my dad is still alive to complain about it!

If any of you who read my blog have families that live in the path that Ike to, I pray that they are all safe. I promised myself that I was not going to watch the news, but I was glued to it pretty much all night last night and all this morning. I've not turned the TV on since about 2 to see what else is on the news and I think I am just going to read a book and not bother with the TV tonight. I don't think I can handle seeing the devastation anymore.

Oh...I never got a chance to announce that I am an aunt again...for the 5th time. My sister-in-law, Jennifer (my brother's wife and my favorite sister-in-law) gave birth to their 4th child, Tanner Jase. He's their 3rd son. And I can promise that they will never forget his birth or the first week of his life. He was born on Tuesday, released from the hospital on Thursday and immediately evacuated. I don't know if they even took him to the house before they left town or not. I hope I get to see him soon.

Okay...I've got some Christmas shopping to do on line. Gymboree is having their baby sale, so I want to get some gifts bought now. My goal this year is to have ALL my shopping done BEFORE Thanksgiving.

Blog ya later!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Darius Rucker....am I the last to know?

So, I am sitting in the bonus room at like 1:40 in the morning watching CMT and surfing blogs. I hear this country song come on that I've never heard before, but the voice sounds really familiar. I look up and the guy looks familiar, but I can't place him. And let's face it, there are not a lot of African American country singers. But I swear I have seen this guy somewhere before. Hootie and the Blowfish. Loved, loved, loved them in college! But to be honest with you, I didn't even know they were still together. Or, they were until August 2008 when they split so Darius could persue his solo COUNTRY music career. What is up with that? Jessica Simpson and now the lead singer of Hootie? And didn't Brett Michaels try his hand at country music? Lord help me, if Britney Spears decides to cross over to country I think I just might stop listening to the radio.

Honestly...his song wasn't that bad, it just doesn't seem right.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Potty Conversation

So, this morning I get Miss K up for school. I tell her to hurry and go use the potty so we can get dressed. I have the baby monitor turned up full volume, so I would hear what she was saying in the bathroom She's sitting on the potty and I hear this...

I love my mommy
I love my daddy
I love my monkey
I do not love mean cat

Mean cat is our cat Socks. I don't think Socks likes Kennedy. Honestly, the cat likes no one but me. As I type this post, "mean cat" is as close as she can possibly get to me without being in my lap. Her entire fat body is up against my leg. Mean cat is also a fat cat.

As I mentioned last week, K is in Awanas. Brian and I have been trying to work with her on this week's verse. 'And all that He made was good' Genesis 1:31. We ask her to repeat is and her response is, "but I don't wanna be good." Good gravy.

Busy week this week....
Monday - Zoo
Tuesday - School
Wednesday - Errand day & Awanas
Thursday - school, dance class and then we are going to see Disney Princesses on Ice.
Friday - Well...we are suppose to have a playdate at CEC, but I think we are going to have to wait for the dang cable man. Comcast stinks.

Busy weekend too. K has a birthday party on Saturday and our general weekend stuff that seems to rule our lives. K is leaving next Wednesday to spend some time with her Michigan grandparents. We will be changing her room to a big girl room while she is gone. After her reaction to Brian painting her bathroom, we thought it would be best if we did it while she was gone. I seriously think the child was going to have a nervous breakdown over her walls being painted blue.

Well...gotta go. blog ya later.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Today I was "that mother" with "that child"

OMG. What a day. Rain + Chuck E. Cheese = lots of hyper kiddos. So, Miss K and I met Miss E and her mom at CEC for a little fun. We had a good time. They girls were on their best behavior except for one minor incident involving the mini merry-go-round. So, after we leave, I needed to run to my favorite store...Hobby Lobby. I needed to return a couple of things and pick up some felt for a project I am working on. Well, she started doing the "peepee dance" while I was standing in line. So, I finished and took her to the potty. OMG. She lost it. I pulled her panties down and she would arch her back so that I couldn't get her to sit on the seat. And crying. HUGE tears and SCREAMING. She kicked me and was screaming "NO!" We were using the restroom at the front of the store, so I know that everyone and their mother heard us. I finally told her that if she wet her pants, I was going to spank her. We went through this whole thing at the post office on Tuesday and she did wet her pants. So, we walk out of the restroom and EVERY person in the check out line is looking at me. Miss K is still screaming. At this point I am trying to figure out why she is still freaking out. She starts jumping up and down, stomping her feet and screaming. Again....everyone is looking at me like I am the worst mother in the world. I calmly picked my screaming, kicking child up and removed her from the store. We get outside and she is even more upset. She doesn't want to go home. She wants to go back into the store. I told her that she had to stop crying first. MORE crying ensues. I pick her up and carry her to the car. She cried the entire way home. I mean....WAILING. She cried so much that by the time we got home, she was hoarce. We came home. I told her to go upstairs and go to her room. More crying. Screaming. Mommy needs a stiff drink. After about 30 minutes, she comes out and apologizes to me. And...to make it even worse, the lady who does the returns at Hobby Lobby was a complete witch to me. This is the second time I've dealt with her and both times she has made me feel like I have done something wrong. Today, after everything that happened, I've decided I do not deserve to be treated like that. I'm writing a letter to their office. Before you say, "talk to the manager", the issue today also deals with the manager. ARG. I'm just irritated. Totally. Irritated.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Step away from the hot glue gun....

So, I was trying to get the stuff done that was on my "to do" list. One thing I needed to do was make some bows. Bows to match Miss K's dance outfit. (see previous post as to why I must have a bow.) I took a "bow" class a month or so ago. I make a couple of bows in the class and I've made a handful since then. But for SOME reason, I am having issues with these bows. For one, the ribbon is printed on one side, so I need to make sure that looks right. But, I just can't get the "construction" of the bow correct. I messed with it for a bit. The one I did get completed just looks "wrong". Now, normally there would be a lot of swearing and me throwing supplies around because things weren't going well. But, I actually was pretty calm about it. I tried several HUNDRED times and I just couldn't get it. So, I calming unplugged my hot glue gun, rolled up all my ribbons and neatly packed everything back into my "bow box" and went on about my business. I'll revisit the bows later this weekend.

Miss K has been a hoot the past couple of days. Her personality is really starting to come out. Brian and I are always telling her, "You can not talk to mommy or daddy like that" when she starts her using her mean and demanding tone of voice. I usually will tell her that I am disappointed or upset with her attitude and I always make her apologize to me or her dad. So, this afternoon she was driving me CRAZY. She has this BAD habit of giving you things that you don't want and she will NOT take no for an answer and instead of putting it back, she will usually throw whatever it is down and run away. She did this twice today. The first time she did it was my camera....MY REBEL. I saw her holding it and told her to put it down. I said the words "PUT IT DOWN" over and over again about 30 times. Then I yelled. I finally had to take it from her. Then the next time she did it, it was a stack of felt. By now I was mad because she will not take no for an answer and Brian and I are trying to make her understand, but it hasn't worked. Well, I yelled again. And this is not normal because while I might raise my voice to my child, I seldom yell. Well, she threw the felt down and that was when I yelled again and told her to pick it up or I was going to spank her and send her to her room for not minding me. She picked it up and then came and sat by me on the sofa. The conversation when like this...

Miss K (in a very calm and quiet tone): "Mommy, you can not talk to me like that".
Mommy: "K, you need to learn what the word NO means, Grace" (Brian and I call her Grace usually when she is in trouble.)
Miss K: "I'm really disappointed in you Mommy."
Mommy: "Well, Mommy is disappointed in you for not minding me."
Miss K: "Now, you need to apologize to me Mommy."
Mommy: "I am sorry that Mommy had to raise her voice at you because you refuse to mind me!"
Miss K: "That's better Mommy. I still love you."
Mommy: "I love you too"

After that conversation I could help but laugh. She is really growing up. But PLEASE do not tell her that you think she is a "big girl". That makes her mad because she does not want to get big. She wants to stay little forever and makes it a point to tell me that anytime I say the phrase, "big girl". Good gravy she is a mess.

Blog ya later!

Organizaton stuff...

So, I am working on my pantry. I can not believe how much stuff is in there. It's nuts. Anyway...one thing that I am really bad about is throwing away plastic grocery bags. I know I need to use my resuable bags, but I NEVER seem to have them with me when I am shopping. So, I usually end up with a ton of plastic bags. And the crazies at Wal-Mart are really good about putting two items in each bag. I don't think I ever come home with less than 5 bags from that place. And it never fails. I throw the bags away and the next day I am in need of bags. So, in my blog surfing, I found this...

I found it on the Simple Human website. They have a lot of neat stuff on there. I actually ended getting it off of ebay a little bit cheaper. I've already got the perfect place for this in my kitchen.

My friend Margie posted her to do list on her blog and I thought I would do the same...hoping once again it would make me accountable for things that need to be done!

*drop K off at MDO

*Doctor appt.

*two loads of laundry

*load dishwasher

*make bows for dance class

*work on menu for the next two weeks

*update calendar

*work on baby gift project. (Need to get atleast once piece completed today.)

The list in my head is a LOT longer than there, but this is what I think I can actually accomplish in one day. The list in my head would take me a couple of weeks.

Blog ya later!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Awanas and the things Miss K says...

So...here are a couple of funnies that have come out of Miss K's mouth recently...

She and her dad were getting ready to head to the park the other evening. He told her to come on and her response..."WAIT DADDY! I need a bow in my hair. I can't leave the house without a bow in my hair. It needs to be pink to match my shirt. Mommy! Where is my pink bow? I can't go to the park without a bow in my hair." Seriously...it was a major drama mama moment. It took everything I had not to laugh at her.

She did something that I was really proud of today and I told her, "You are such a big girl." She put her hands on her hips and said, "Mommy, I am NOT a big girl. I don't want to get big. I want to stay little!"

Last week she was digging through her dress up box. I was just sort of watching her to see what she was doing. She put on a bunch of jewelry, a princess crown and a pair of dress up high hills. She started marching up and down the hallway yelling..."Here comes the queen!"

I've been working with her on her Bible verses for Awanas and she does NOT want to do them. Her response to me is..."That's for later, Mommy!" I think she keeps telling me that because she knows that Miss Mali works with her on it on Wednesdays.

OMG! There was another one that cracked me up today and I can't remember it! I meant to write it down.

So...as I mentioned, Miss K is in Awanas...Cubbies to be exact. She is a stinker when it comes to memorizing the verses. Last week went okay, but this week was a nightmare. She just would NOT repeat them back to me. I swear...I repeated those Bible verses over and over for days. I was pretty certain that she was not going to be able to recite both of the verses tonight and therefore she would not get her award...aka her Cubbie vest. Believe it or not, I was actually nervous. And I was suprised because Brian was able to make it. I was actually holding my breath when she started reading out the names. She did it in alpabetical order, so I knew when she should get to Miss K's name. I almost stood up and cheered when she called out her name! Yeah Miss K! Here's a photo of her and her best friend, Miss E in their new vests. These two do pretty much everything together. They go to MDO together, Awanas and dance class. They will probably end up in the same preschool next year as well. We also spend a lot of time with Miss E and her mommy during the week when the girls aren't in school. Her mom and I are pretty good friends. (Miss E is not really that short, but for some reason, she was slouching down, but she is smaller than Miss K.)

Well...I said I was going to start working on my pantry tonight, so I need to get off this computer and go downstairs and start emptying out my pantry. I'm probably going to have a ton of stuff that needs to be thrown out. Lots of fun.

Blog ya later!

Pantry Inspiration

Well...I wasn't able to sleep last night so I did some blog surfing. I came across this blog through someone else's blog and it inspired me. (Her blog hasn't been updated in months which makes me a little sad.) Anyway, back in March of 2006 she did a panty reorganization and it has inspired me to work on my pantry. I love the totes she uses. I have some baskets in my pantry right now, but I don't really like them. And while I have enough Longaberger to use in the panty, I'd rather not! I already have a ton of Tupperware and I have been using it. I hate cardboard boxes and I try to store everything in plastic instead of cardboard. I think this is a holdover from my days of living in Texas. Bugs. Bugs the size of my hand. And tree roaches that will freak anyone out. Huge flying ones! My skin is starting to crawl just thinking about it. Maybe I could call my pest control guy to come out and spray just because. I don't think people understand my issue with bugs. It's sort of out of control. Anway.... So, tonight after I put the munchkin to bed, I am going to basically take my entire pantry out and purge, sort, organize, and containerize! My pantry is so unogranized that I had no idea what all is in there. And when I grocery shop, I basically just shove stuff wherever it will fit, so there is no rhyme or reason as to why things are where they are in there.

I am slowly doing little projects here and there around the house to be organized. I figure if I start small, I might actually get some stuff completed. A couple of nights ago I cleaned out Miss K's PJ drawer. My child has way too many PJs. After I cleaned out the drawer...I got rid of 18 pairs of pjs. There are still probably 15 pair in her drawer. I did just order her these cute little pink skeleton pjs for Gymbo. These are the same pair that we had last year, but Miss K outgrew them pretty fast. Well, I have errands to run. Need to get the Grandparent's Day presents in the mail this afternoon along with a gift for a friend and her son who is in the hospital. I need to stop by Wal-Mart and see what they have in the way of canvas totes for the pantry. My child is STILL wearing PJs, so I need to convince her that we NEED to leave. She is suppose to have Awanas tonight, but I don't think it's going to work. She just can not memorize the verses. I think she is just a little too young.

Okay....gotta go. Blog ya later!