Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hello from beautiful Destin!

We spent most of Saturday driving, but it wasn't a bad drive at all. Miss K was on her best behavior for most of the drive. About the last 30 minutes she was mad. And to be honest, I was too. I was ready to get out of the car. Miss K actually slept in Sunday morning. And, she is sleeping in a big girl bed while we are here. She had been talking non-stop about "go to beach" since we left Nashville. So, our first stop this morning was to the beach. She did NOT like the beach. She walked maybe 5 steps in the sand and started screaming. I, on the other hand LOVED the beach. This is my very first trip ever to Florida, so I had no idea what to expect. I grew up in the Houston area, so the beach to me was Galveston Island. I don't think I can ever go back to Galveston and enjoy myself again. Destin is amazing. The sand is so fine and so white. And the water. It's AMAZING! It's so clear. I am not normally one to get into the water at the beach more than up to my knees. I actually wanted to go swimming in this water. It was so beautiful.

So, we are going to keep trying the beach every day with Miss K. Thankfully, she does like the pool. The pool here is zero entry, so she can walk in and not have to cling to me or Brian while in the water. There is also a small ledge that runs around the pool and she like to sit on that as well. I think we will be spending most of our time at the pool. And yes, she more those sunglasses pretty much the entire day....everywhere we went.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

So glad....

that the GM strike is over. No, my husband isn't a union worker, but it affects him just like it does every employee at all the plants and and all the suppliers....and so on.

The day the strike started, I got no less than 5 phone calls asking me if Brian still had a job. Talk about stressing me out. But then again....I stress out over every little thing.

Can I just tell you....I am so ready for my beach vacation.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


I remember My Little Pony from YEARS ago. Imagine my surprise when I found out they were still around. My daughter is the very proud owner of about 9 of them. She loves them. My good friend Margie gave Miss K her first pony for her 2nd birthday. My child is crazy about those silly ponies. Many times when Miss K goes to bed at night, she has 2 or 3 ponies in bed with her. (Those are in addition to the monkey, the bear, and two babies.)
So, Miss K started school last week. It's been great. Monday was her first day. It was kind of like an "open house". They only attended 9-11 while the director went over the handbook. She made an apple tree and was so proud of it. She showed it to everyone in Target. She napped for 2 1/2 hours. Tuesday we went to the Jump Zone. She went crazy on those slides. She worked up a big sweat. She napped for 3 hours. School on Wednesday. Napped for 2 1/2 hours. Thursday we went to the Adventure Science Center. That place is great. It reminds me of the Children's Museum in Houston, but a much small scale. She had a blast. She napped for 3 1/2 hours. So, needless to say, I've run my child ragged the past week. We've got another busy week planned and then we are headed out of town on vacation. I'm really looking forward to the beach. I did ask Miss K if she wanted to go to the beach. She said no....

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Another vacation

We are getting ready to go on another vacation. To the beach...again. We are going to Destin this time. We looked for a place to stay for a long time. We needed a pool that had a zero entry for Miss K. We finally found one that was actually available. And, it was an awesome price. Most of the stuff we saw was like $1200 a week. We got ours for almost half that. Can't wait!

On another husband could use some prayers if you think about it. Just some stuff at work. Nothing bad at all...just some possibilities that we didn't think would happen right away couple possibly be happening a lot sooner. It's a little stressful for me. is a BEAUITFUL day out. I am running to take my BAD dogs to the groomers and then K and I are going to hit the park for a bit. I have a photography asssignment for my class, so I want to try and get that done today. So, maybe I will have some photos to share tomorrow!

Blog ya later!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Halloween Costume, new cars? and a photography class

So, I bought Miss K a Halloween costume this summer. She likes JoJo Circus and I found the costume on the Disney website, so I bought it. One problem...she won't wear the hat part and that is where the hair is. So, it looks goofy without the hat. I went in search of some cute costumes. I did great her first two years, so I wanted something just as cute as the flower and the Heffalump. I found a monkey, but I wasn't in love with it. Then I found this cutie costume from Gymboree. (You know how much I LOVE Gymboree!) It's called Sweet Pumpkin Pie. I put the head piece on her at the store and she smiled and said, "I'm so pretty Mommy!" She thinks the shoes are a hoot too. when I picked Brian up from his doctor's appointment (the Bob Barker treatment, Renee!) we drive by the Saturn dealership and he makes a comment on the new Saturn Vue. Then he surprises me and says that he is looking at trading BOTH of our current cars in and getting us both something new. I am perfectly happy with my Trailblazer, but he pointed out that it is our "family car", the one we use the majority of the time and it no longer has a warranty. We haven't made any kind of decision and probably won't until the end of the year. Maybe there were will some better rebates out by then.
I finally did something I've wanted to do for a long time. I signed up for a photography class. It is every Monday from 6-9. I am really looking forward to it. One of my friends is also taking the class. I am so looking forward to learning more about my camera.
Okay...gotta run. Blog ya later!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Something I never thought I would say....

I am beginning to think that people need to be screened before they are allowed to reproduce. I honestly think that there are some people in the world who should never have kids. Who in the world thinks that it is okay to take your 2 year old daughter to a brothel...leave her strapped in her carseat INSIDE the HOT freaking car for TWO HOURS while you and your buddies attend a "private function" in a house full of prostitutes? Well, some stupid dad did. He did manage to leave the windows cracked, so that is how the security guard was able to hear her crying. It was 95 degrees outside that day. Don't you wonder how hot it was in that car? STUPID. STUPID. STUPID. Someone needs to strap is stupid ass into a car seat and leave him in a hot car with NO SHADE for two hours and see how much he likes it. my soap box.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Yeah Me!

Have you ever done something in your house and then just been so pleased with yourself? That's me today. Well...I actually did it on Monday. I cleaned my laundry room. Big deal you say? HA! It's a big deal for me! It's where clothes enter, but never leave. So...LONG ago, ('s been so long I can't remember when it was.) I saw some super cute Rubbermaid baskets on kellidarrsuperstar's blog. Loved them. Ran out and bought like 5 sets. I was DETERMINED to get my laundry room in order. Well, like most (umm...all) of my projects, I bought the stuff and just let it clutter up my house. So, now that we are back home, I have decided I've GOT to do something. I am living in a house full of clutter that would qualify me for Clean Sweep. (I wish they would come to my house.)

So...Monday I got the BUG. My entire house needs to be purged, but it is all so overwhelming that I start in one place and get so sidetracked that it never gets done. The laundry room is small, so I decided to tackle it. The first thing I did was clean the floor up. So much CRAP on the floor. Stuff that didn't even belong in there. I got all the clothes into two hampers. Then I cleaned off the dryer. Why do I stack stuff on there? Well, because it is easy and there isn't any place else to stack stuff in there. Then I tackled the monster. Monster=clothes. I don't know what my issue is about clothes. I've got LOTS of them and don't wear 1/4 of them. So, I went through and took out what I wanted to keep and folded what was going to Goodwill. Then I took the extra hanging rod out of the room. If it is there, I will use it. Then I tackled the shelf. Again...more crap just stacked. This is where my lovely baskets come in. My entire shelf is now BASKETIZED! It's awesome. The only clothes that are in there are the dirty ones in the hamper and a basket full of towels and sheets that need to be folded. I was so excited about how awesome it looked, I ran out Monday night and bought a new ironing board cover. Brian still needs to rehang my storage thingy that holds my ironing board and iron, but he needs to patch the wall where it pulled out a while ago (that means several years....) Then...I went BACK through the clothes that I said I was going to keep and decided all but one thing could go to GW. I was so freaking pleased with myself. I kept telling Brian to come look at it. Even Miss K thinks it's "pretty". She even helped me with the laundry yesterday. I usually don't let her in there because it is so cluttered. Now, she can go in there anytime she wants! No photos. I need to find my thingy to download my photos with. Then I will post of photo. Brian told me I should have taken a before photo. I know I should have, but honestly...I would be too embarassed to actually show it. In the end, I had two large trash bags of clothes for Goodwill, a half trashbag full of trash and one old broken hamper full of wire hangers.

Here is a question..... Do you clean your washer and dryer? I wiped the outside of everything off with my bleach/eater mixture, but what about the insides? I mean, I clean my lint trap on my dryer after every load, but nothing to the washer. Any suggestions?