Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It is hot in here to you?

So, I have a Hate-Hate relationship with our thermostat. I always manage to screw it up without Brian specifically tell me how to set it. With the weather as crazy as it has been, the house is either cold in the morning or hot in the evenings...all depends on how it was previously set. Last night I was cooking and baking and I was sweating. I had to be at a Girl Scout council meeting at 6, so I was trying to get everything done and I was going to end up smelling like spaghetti sauce and sweat! ARG! So, I checked the temp in the house and it was 77 degrees. That's not comfortable when you have all four burners going and the oven is baking at 450 degrees. Anyway, later that evening, I was telling Brian a couple of different things while I was driving home and I was asking him about something I saw on TV where you could control the temp in your house by your phone. I know I saw it. Did anyone else see it? I know I'm not crazy. I'm sure it's something that cost thousands of dollars to install in your house. Anyway. I told him we needed to do something about the thermostat and didn't they make one that would automatically switch from heat to cool. Apparently, no such animals exsist that he is aware of. I'm sure that SOMEONE makes something like that. See...I hate messing with it. When I touch it, it seems to instantly be 90 degrees in the house when I wanted it to be like 68. And when I want it to be warm, we end up wearing coats after I've messed with it. And what's with the on/off/fan setting. What's the fan for? Back to the story... Brian tells me just to change it when it gets too hot. I tell him I hate messing with it because it never sets right for me. I forgot to's digital. Then my industrial engineer husband offers to write job instructions for me. He used the "technical term" that he apparently uses at work when he writes these for the workers. I called him an ass and hung up on him. Maybe I will just refuse to cook due to the heat and he will invent a thermostat that does what I want it to do. Then we would be rich and I could hire a cook and she could worry about the heat downstairs in the kitchen. Sounds like a plan, huh?

Blog ya later.