Thursday, September 04, 2008

Step away from the hot glue gun....

So, I was trying to get the stuff done that was on my "to do" list. One thing I needed to do was make some bows. Bows to match Miss K's dance outfit. (see previous post as to why I must have a bow.) I took a "bow" class a month or so ago. I make a couple of bows in the class and I've made a handful since then. But for SOME reason, I am having issues with these bows. For one, the ribbon is printed on one side, so I need to make sure that looks right. But, I just can't get the "construction" of the bow correct. I messed with it for a bit. The one I did get completed just looks "wrong". Now, normally there would be a lot of swearing and me throwing supplies around because things weren't going well. But, I actually was pretty calm about it. I tried several HUNDRED times and I just couldn't get it. So, I calming unplugged my hot glue gun, rolled up all my ribbons and neatly packed everything back into my "bow box" and went on about my business. I'll revisit the bows later this weekend.

Miss K has been a hoot the past couple of days. Her personality is really starting to come out. Brian and I are always telling her, "You can not talk to mommy or daddy like that" when she starts her using her mean and demanding tone of voice. I usually will tell her that I am disappointed or upset with her attitude and I always make her apologize to me or her dad. So, this afternoon she was driving me CRAZY. She has this BAD habit of giving you things that you don't want and she will NOT take no for an answer and instead of putting it back, she will usually throw whatever it is down and run away. She did this twice today. The first time she did it was my camera....MY REBEL. I saw her holding it and told her to put it down. I said the words "PUT IT DOWN" over and over again about 30 times. Then I yelled. I finally had to take it from her. Then the next time she did it, it was a stack of felt. By now I was mad because she will not take no for an answer and Brian and I are trying to make her understand, but it hasn't worked. Well, I yelled again. And this is not normal because while I might raise my voice to my child, I seldom yell. Well, she threw the felt down and that was when I yelled again and told her to pick it up or I was going to spank her and send her to her room for not minding me. She picked it up and then came and sat by me on the sofa. The conversation when like this...

Miss K (in a very calm and quiet tone): "Mommy, you can not talk to me like that".
Mommy: "K, you need to learn what the word NO means, Grace" (Brian and I call her Grace usually when she is in trouble.)
Miss K: "I'm really disappointed in you Mommy."
Mommy: "Well, Mommy is disappointed in you for not minding me."
Miss K: "Now, you need to apologize to me Mommy."
Mommy: "I am sorry that Mommy had to raise her voice at you because you refuse to mind me!"
Miss K: "That's better Mommy. I still love you."
Mommy: "I love you too"

After that conversation I could help but laugh. She is really growing up. But PLEASE do not tell her that you think she is a "big girl". That makes her mad because she does not want to get big. She wants to stay little forever and makes it a point to tell me that anytime I say the phrase, "big girl". Good gravy she is a mess.

Blog ya later!


doris said...

oh dear. she sure is a funny little thing. :D

TracieClaiborne said...

That is HILARIOUS!!!!!!! If you don't scrap that, I will!