Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Potty Conversation

So, this morning I get Miss K up for school. I tell her to hurry and go use the potty so we can get dressed. I have the baby monitor turned up full volume, so I would hear what she was saying in the bathroom She's sitting on the potty and I hear this...

I love my mommy
I love my daddy
I love my monkey
I do not love mean cat

Mean cat is our cat Socks. I don't think Socks likes Kennedy. Honestly, the cat likes no one but me. As I type this post, "mean cat" is as close as she can possibly get to me without being in my lap. Her entire fat body is up against my leg. Mean cat is also a fat cat.

As I mentioned last week, K is in Awanas. Brian and I have been trying to work with her on this week's verse. 'And all that He made was good' Genesis 1:31. We ask her to repeat is and her response is, "but I don't wanna be good." Good gravy.

Busy week this week....
Monday - Zoo
Tuesday - School
Wednesday - Errand day & Awanas
Thursday - school, dance class and then we are going to see Disney Princesses on Ice.
Friday - Well...we are suppose to have a playdate at CEC, but I think we are going to have to wait for the dang cable man. Comcast stinks.

Busy weekend too. K has a birthday party on Saturday and our general weekend stuff that seems to rule our lives. K is leaving next Wednesday to spend some time with her Michigan grandparents. We will be changing her room to a big girl room while she is gone. After her reaction to Brian painting her bathroom, we thought it would be best if we did it while she was gone. I seriously think the child was going to have a nervous breakdown over her walls being painted blue.

Well...gotta go. blog ya later.


*Jilly* said...

Never a dull moment with Miss K..she is the cutest!

Laura said...

i don't like mean cat....hahaha! you're a funny blogger. very engaging. i look forward to reading more of your posts. :)