Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Pantry Inspiration

Well...I wasn't able to sleep last night so I did some blog surfing. I came across this blog through someone else's blog and it inspired me. (Her blog hasn't been updated in months which makes me a little sad.) Anyway, back in March of 2006 she did a panty reorganization and it has inspired me to work on my pantry. I love the totes she uses. I have some baskets in my pantry right now, but I don't really like them. And while I have enough Longaberger to use in the panty, I'd rather not! I already have a ton of Tupperware and I have been using it. I hate cardboard boxes and I try to store everything in plastic instead of cardboard. I think this is a holdover from my days of living in Texas. Bugs. Bugs the size of my hand. And tree roaches that will freak anyone out. Huge flying ones! My skin is starting to crawl just thinking about it. Maybe I could call my pest control guy to come out and spray just because. I don't think people understand my issue with bugs. It's sort of out of control. Anway.... So, tonight after I put the munchkin to bed, I am going to basically take my entire pantry out and purge, sort, organize, and containerize! My pantry is so unogranized that I had no idea what all is in there. And when I grocery shop, I basically just shove stuff wherever it will fit, so there is no rhyme or reason as to why things are where they are in there.

I am slowly doing little projects here and there around the house to be organized. I figure if I start small, I might actually get some stuff completed. A couple of nights ago I cleaned out Miss K's PJ drawer. My child has way too many PJs. After I cleaned out the drawer...I got rid of 18 pairs of pjs. There are still probably 15 pair in her drawer. I did just order her these cute little pink skeleton pjs for Gymbo. These are the same pair that we had last year, but Miss K outgrew them pretty fast. Well, I have errands to run. Need to get the Grandparent's Day presents in the mail this afternoon along with a gift for a friend and her son who is in the hospital. I need to stop by Wal-Mart and see what they have in the way of canvas totes for the pantry. My child is STILL wearing PJs, so I need to convince her that we NEED to leave. She is suppose to have Awanas tonight, but I don't think it's going to work. She just can not memorize the verses. I think she is just a little too young.

Okay....gotta go. Blog ya later!

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