Monday, September 22, 2008

Play that Monkey Music

I have no idea what Miss K and Brian were talking about tonight when they were getting ready for bed, but Brian started singing Play that Funky Music. Miss K told him, it was Play that MONKEY Music. And you all know how much Miss K loves her monkey. There for awhile she was content to not take the monkey everywhere she went. Now for some reason, the monkey must go everywhere we go. It's actually gotten worse than it has been in the past.

Things are pretty crazy around here with the whole gas shortage. Who would believe that no place in the country besides Nashville is having a gas shortage. We are talking waiting in line for HOURS for gas. I remember as a kid sitting in my mom's car waiting in line for gas. Would have never imagined that we'd we dealing with something like this again. and it is making people CRAZY! I swear, people are acting like they are never going to be able to find gas again. We lucked out on Saturday night and found a Shell station that had gas and for some reason there was no line. If you went down one exit, there were 100 cars waiting to get gas. I did a little dance in the parking lot I was so excited we were able to get gas. Brian and I were both on E and we needed to get gas in order to be able to make a trip to Indy to pick Miss K up. She was having a little vacation of her own visiting her grandparents. She had a grand time. She went to the fair a couple of days. She got to pet a real live monkey. She baked pies and cinnamon rolls every day. She caught a 10 inch bass one aftrnoon while fishing with her grandpa. I know she had a great time, but we were really ready for her to come home. We had a bit of surprise for her when she got home. We decided she was ready for her big girl bed. So, that meant painting and redoing her entire room. I'll blog about that tomorrow. As for now...I was watching past episodes of Lost that I never got a chance to watch. I need to clear out the DVR since Brian has like 8 shows recording over the next couple of days!

Anyway...I've got LOTS to blog about, so I hope to get back into the habit of blogging everyday. Trying to make some changes here at home. I am hoping it I actually blog about it, it will hold me accountable. to watch Lost. Blog ya later!


TracieClaiborne said...

Hollye, that is the cutest picture ever. I'm going to take one of Caroline like that with her "babies." Love it! I'm downloading those Fair pics tomorrow. Will send them soon to you.

Laura Ann said...

So good to hear from you and see that you are doing well. I am so sorry to hear about your Dad's house...he is the sweetest guy ever. I am excited to read your blog and get caught up. Your Dad use to keep me informed of how you were doing back in the Outback days, but I have not seen him in years. It was so funny...he would always have a Hollye story for me, like any proud Dad would about his baby girl.

Did you notice I have a Red Head? Pretty unbelievable for me...sure thought my children would have dark hair and eyes...but nope, red hair and blue eyes and I love it!

Your little girl is adoreable and I can not wait to read more about her.

Take care & please tell your Dad I said Hello!

Amber said...

love that monkey picture! :)

Renee said...

did I ever tell you that I carried a monkey around everywhere when I was a kid? Still have him. My family still calls me monkey sometimes.
I want to see the room!