Thursday, September 04, 2008

Organizaton stuff...

So, I am working on my pantry. I can not believe how much stuff is in there. It's nuts. thing that I am really bad about is throwing away plastic grocery bags. I know I need to use my resuable bags, but I NEVER seem to have them with me when I am shopping. So, I usually end up with a ton of plastic bags. And the crazies at Wal-Mart are really good about putting two items in each bag. I don't think I ever come home with less than 5 bags from that place. And it never fails. I throw the bags away and the next day I am in need of bags. So, in my blog surfing, I found this...

I found it on the Simple Human website. They have a lot of neat stuff on there. I actually ended getting it off of ebay a little bit cheaper. I've already got the perfect place for this in my kitchen.

My friend Margie posted her to do list on her blog and I thought I would do the same...hoping once again it would make me accountable for things that need to be done!

*drop K off at MDO

*Doctor appt.

*two loads of laundry

*load dishwasher

*make bows for dance class

*work on menu for the next two weeks

*update calendar

*work on baby gift project. (Need to get atleast once piece completed today.)

The list in my head is a LOT longer than there, but this is what I think I can actually accomplish in one day. The list in my head would take me a couple of weeks.

Blog ya later!

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Margie said...

I love your to do list. Like you said the one in my head is much longer than what I wrote down, but what I posted was reasonable and anything else I did was icing. I hope your list went well!