Sunday, September 28, 2008

Busy, busy!

I love being busy during the week because it makes the day go by faster so that the weekend comes sooner. However, I HATE being busy onthe weekends. And for the Cross family, October until the end of the year is BUSY for us. Anniversary, birthdays, holidays...all sorts of stuff. I LOVE FALL! Can't wait to get all my decorations out. But, I will not be able to get them out until after this weekend since we are cleaning and doing a community yard sale. LOTS of junk that needs to be cleaned out of the garage and the house. My goal this week is to spend at least one hour in the garage and one hour in the craft room everyday. If I do that, I will be in great shape. The yard sale is Saturday starting at 7 and lasts until 1. Miss K has a birthday party to attend at 10 on Saturday, so either Brian or I will take her and the other will stay home with the yard sale. I'm hoping I get to go the party because I know that she is doing a whole brunch for everyone from Puffy Muffin! I love Puffy Muffin. They have this chicken and tomato quiche that I LOVE! are my goals for this week:
*buy anniversary present for Brian (9 years!)
*make inventory list of cloth diaper stuff so that I can sell it. (If anyone is interested in cloth diapering, let me know! I've got a TON of stuff!)
*make list of extra Vera Bradley bags to sell. (if you emailed me for the list, I will send it to you as soon as it is done! Sorry it has taken me so long. I'm lazy.)
*cook dinner EVERY night (except Thursday night...we are going out for our anniversary!)
*spend one hour cleaning my craft room every day
*spend one hour cleaning the garage every evening
*make Miss K a halloween skirt!
*Read The Shack (this needs to be done before Tuesday evening since that is when book club meets. Can you say 'last minute'?)
*Catch up on laundry and get the laundry room organized. (how can I convince my husband to move the washer and dryer so that I can paint?)
*print out the stuff for my Simplify 101 workshop.
*Get my Christmas binder updated. (yes...I've already started my Christmas shopping thanks to sales at Gymboree and Old Navy!)

I'm sure I will have other things that I need to get done. But, I'll be lucky to get this stuff done! husband is yelling for me to come help him fold clothes. I don't mind washing clothes, I HATE folding and putting away. That ranks right up there with cleaning toilets! Crud...just remembered I wanted to bake banana bread for my friend who just had a baby. I'm picking up her daughter for a playdate tomorrow. We are going to Dippin' Dots for a craft and ice cream...before lunch. Aren't I a super mom? HA!

And Lianna...I promise I will do your tag tomorrow. I just can't think if 7 random things about myself that people would actually find interesting.

Blog ya later!

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Margie said...

Happy Anniversary Hollye!