Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Awanas and the things Miss K says... are a couple of funnies that have come out of Miss K's mouth recently...

She and her dad were getting ready to head to the park the other evening. He told her to come on and her response..."WAIT DADDY! I need a bow in my hair. I can't leave the house without a bow in my hair. It needs to be pink to match my shirt. Mommy! Where is my pink bow? I can't go to the park without a bow in my hair." was a major drama mama moment. It took everything I had not to laugh at her.

She did something that I was really proud of today and I told her, "You are such a big girl." She put her hands on her hips and said, "Mommy, I am NOT a big girl. I don't want to get big. I want to stay little!"

Last week she was digging through her dress up box. I was just sort of watching her to see what she was doing. She put on a bunch of jewelry, a princess crown and a pair of dress up high hills. She started marching up and down the hallway yelling..."Here comes the queen!"

I've been working with her on her Bible verses for Awanas and she does NOT want to do them. Her response to me is..."That's for later, Mommy!" I think she keeps telling me that because she knows that Miss Mali works with her on it on Wednesdays.

OMG! There was another one that cracked me up today and I can't remember it! I meant to write it down. I mentioned, Miss K is in Awanas...Cubbies to be exact. She is a stinker when it comes to memorizing the verses. Last week went okay, but this week was a nightmare. She just would NOT repeat them back to me. I swear...I repeated those Bible verses over and over for days. I was pretty certain that she was not going to be able to recite both of the verses tonight and therefore she would not get her award...aka her Cubbie vest. Believe it or not, I was actually nervous. And I was suprised because Brian was able to make it. I was actually holding my breath when she started reading out the names. She did it in alpabetical order, so I knew when she should get to Miss K's name. I almost stood up and cheered when she called out her name! Yeah Miss K! Here's a photo of her and her best friend, Miss E in their new vests. These two do pretty much everything together. They go to MDO together, Awanas and dance class. They will probably end up in the same preschool next year as well. We also spend a lot of time with Miss E and her mommy during the week when the girls aren't in school. Her mom and I are pretty good friends. (Miss E is not really that short, but for some reason, she was slouching down, but she is smaller than Miss K.)

Well...I said I was going to start working on my pantry tonight, so I need to get off this computer and go downstairs and start emptying out my pantry. I'm probably going to have a ton of stuff that needs to be thrown out. Lots of fun.

Blog ya later!

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