Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm pissed, but it's my fault.

I have cats. One of them is the meanest cat in the world, Socks. Miss K refers to her as "mean cat". And she lives up to that name in every way. She was a happy and sweet kitten when we got her. Then I made this mistake of bringing home a second cat. I honestly don't think she ever forgave me for that. Tabby, who my dog walker, Delaynie has renamed "Meow's Alot" is one of the sweetest cats, but she is so lovable sometime that it can drive you nuts. And Tabby is one hairy cat. And if she gets stressed out...she sheds...a lot. Once I brought home Maxie, the first cocker spaniel, Socks became Satan's spawn. And when Betty Boop, the rescue cocker spaniel came to live with us, it was all out WAR. She's just a mean old cat. I think she is something like 12 years old. She's lost a number of teeth, but she can still bite pretty hard. And she makes it a point to bite my toes if she sees them sticking out from under the blankets when I am in bed. And she only bites me. Miss K is smart enough to stay away from her. And the dang cat doesn't hiss, she spits. It truly sounds like she is spitting at you when she gets mad.

ANYWAY...back to the point of this blog post... Two goals this week were to spend time cleaning the garage and the craft room. I sorted a couple of boxes in the garage earlier today and this evening I started working in the craft room. I keep the doors in there shut at all times, so I have no idea WHEN this happened, but I picked up a canvas bag that was sitting on a box FULL of paper. The damn cat peed on it. On the bag. Thankfully, it didn't get on anything else. At this point, I am angry. But the ONLY person I have to blame is myself. No one else. Then I pick up some home dec fabric that I bought to make drapes for my dining room. The damn cat peed on it too! I was so mad. And I KNOW that it was Socks. She is the one who does stuff like that. Tabby will just cry and cry if her litter box needs to be cleaned. Oh my goodness that cat is annoying when she wants something. Socks on the other hand is an agent of the devil sent here to torture me. I'm quite certain of this. And, I am not the type of person who gets rid of animals, but if I could find a home where I know that Socks would be well taken care of, I would give her away. She needs to be an only animals in a house. Our house has another cat and a dog. (Betty Boop passed away in May.)

Again...back to the point. If there weren't PILES of stuff all over my craft room, the dang cat wouldn't be peeing on stuff. ARG! And at this point, I seem to be just moving piles of stuff around. We are suppose to have a garage sale this weekend. I was planning on using the money to pay for part of my embroidery machine that I want to get. But I am seriously thinking of just making 500 trips up the street to the local Goodwill and giving everything to them and not messing with the yard sale. Brian keeps telling me that the tax write off it worth so much more than we will make in cash. At this point, I am SERIOUSLY considering it. But, if I go the Goodwill route, I have to set a deadline for getting all the crap out of the garage. What to do...what to do?

As for my goals today...
*I spent about an hour and 45 minutes working in the craft room and the garage. Almost two hours.
*I made dinner. Whole wheat pasta spaghetti. I'm really trying to like it, but it tasted like stale pasta to me. I've already got everything together for dinner tomorrow night.
*I took my book club book to the park with me. That's as close to reading as I got today. I have a feeling that I am not going to get the reading done. Which at this point doesn't matter a whole lot because I am not sure I am going to be able to attend the meeting anyway. I've got so much stuff to do.
*K's Halloween skirt? I've taken the pattern out of the envelope and looked at it. I also read the tutorial that I have for making the skirt from that specific pattern.

I think that's about it. I took Miss K and her friend for a playdate. We had Dippin' Dots ice cream at 10:30 this morning. Yes, I know, I'm going to be voted Mom of the Year for that. Then we went to the park and had a picnic and played on the playground. It was a fun day. Miss K goes to school tomorrow, so will be home working on stuff.

Sorry to be so long winded... Blog ya later!


Margie said...

Hey Hollye! I hear you I hear you I hear you. We are even down to 1 animal and Alex still pees all over the place. God forbid that I sleep in on the weekends because when I do a puddle of pee is there waiting for me. I can't give her away either. In the same boat my friend, and also ignoring the pile of clothing in the basement that needs to be sorted and go to Goodwill. I keep changing my deadline for when it needs to be out. Hugs to you!

Amber said...

there is nothing worse than cat pee that is for sure! I've accidently locked our kitties in closets or bedrooms a few times before while I was at work...nice surprise to come home too! ARGH!

Renee said...

You are so funny. I could have written that on every post I read today. I go the Goodwill route and take about a $1500 deduction on taxes. Not sure what that actually "nets me" additionally on my return, but it's so much easier. What about Craigs list? You could do batches of stuff maybe?
I need a dresser -do you have one?

Dana said...

I am with Brian - take it to Goodwill! I have learned my lesson (more than once) with garage sales!
Good luck!