Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Nothing much....

So, I made the list of 5 things. I did manage a home cooked meal. I cleaned Miss K's room. I changed all the linens on the beds. I ran the dishwasher once, but messed the kitchen up when I was cooking...Brian cleaned the kitchen after Miss K went to bed. Those dang ferns didn't get repotted. In all fairness, it was pouring like crazy here yesterday.

I had planned to do all my errands today since Miss K and I were going to be out for a playdate. We ended up staying longer than I had originally planned, so by the time we left, we came straight home because she was beat. She went down for a nap and when she woke up, she screamed for 45 minutes straight. I can't tell if it the rash coming back, an ear infection or her teeth. I called Brian and told him to get his booty home because I was not feeling well and now I was dealing with a screaming child. 5 minutes before he got home, she stopped crying and was playing with her toys. WHAT?

Okay...I didn't make a list for tomorrow and I'm not going to. I am too tired and I have to go to bed before I drop.

And to my friend Jill....I will be praying for you and Miss Mattie tomorrow. I hope that the delivery goes smoothly and easy for you. I hope to see you soon!

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