Monday, August 07, 2006

My child is freaking me out

Okay...when she learned to crawl up the stairs, I was scared to death. I mean, she did it like a day after she started crawling. I looked up and she was already half way up the stairs. Now, she had taught herself to crawl down the stairs. She will only do it on the 'two stair' case that we have. I won't let her get near the big stair case anymore. But now she has taught herself how to get out of our bed. She will throw her stuff animals on the floor, turn around and then slide to the floor on her belly. As long as she does it on the side of the bed, that's fine. But if she moves to the end of the bed, that could be dangerous. The foot board could possibly trip her on her way down. She is FEARLESS! And it totally freaks me out because I am the biggest chicken in the world. Speaking of chickens...I think Miss K might be a chicken for Halloween. I found the cutest outfit at BRU yesterday. is a photo of my fearless child going down the stairs...backwards.

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Amanda said...

She is so cute! Grayson wasn't scared of anything. He went through a little phase and had a bit of fear. But back to his old dirty tricks! Good luck.