Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Less is more....

I've got to keep telling myself that because I made a decision tonight. Tomorrow starts the REAL purging. My life and my house have gotten out of control. I am not just purging stuff, I am also purging some "problems" I haven't been able to let go of. I realized about a week ago, I didn't like myself very much. Didn't like the person I was becoming. It got put right in my face this past weekend by my wonderful mother in law. I don't think she even realized that she did it. But there is was...right there in my face and I was shocked at what I saw. I hope to purge my house, my mind and my soul over the next couple of weeks.

Okay....update on Miss K and her visit to Vandy. Okay, first of all...have we descended into the depths of Hades and I missed the memo? Geesh! It was wicked hot. I thought for sure that we were going to have to wait quite awhile since it was the "clinic". The minute the lady checking me in saw "friend of Dr. Robb" on the chart, they were super nice to me and Miss K. I waited...5 minutes for my appointment! FIVE MINUTES. That was like a record. Last time we were at Vandy we had the first appointment of the day and they were 30 minutes late. So, they looked at the MANY tubes of meds that I brought in. 7 different tubes and tubs of stuff that we have been given. That didn't even include any liquid meds that she took orally. They gave me another tube bringing the total to 8. Since the rash was not "active" at the moment, they told me to try this out and if it flarred back up, call them and they would work me in THAT day. She screamed like someone was killing her when we took her diaper off. They even sent a nurse in to help me because she was freaking out so bad. Now...we are in the 'wait and see' mode. Say a prayer that this rash goes away and my little firecracker will be itch free!

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