Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Future Bag Lady?

So, Miss K has a cart that she pushes all over the house. And she picks up stuff that she find on the floor along the way. As I type this, the cart has the following items in it:

*3 dog toys
*DVD case
*memory card case
*Little People Tiger
*2 large plastic coins
*Glo Worm
*head band
*dog nail clippers
*1 piece of play mail
*1 Old Navy hanger
*teething toy
*Baby Einstein birthday balloon tied to the handle of the cart

Every couple of minutes or so, she will stop the cart and take things out of it. Throw them on the floor and then pick up some of the stuff, put it back in the cart on go about her merry way. Then when she passes by the pile of stuff on her way back, she will pick it up and add it to the cart. This goes on for awhile. It is so fun to watch. She likes to make piles. It can be anything...hangers, clothes. toys...whatever!


Chelle said...

Oh that is so cute!

Jill Marie Gross-LaFaye said...

She is very serious in this picture..she is a professional...SHOPPER!! How cute!!!

TracieClaiborne said...

That is so adorable!!! I'm so proud of her for walking so well!