Saturday, August 05, 2006

No big news...

Just to mother in law is really wonderful. I love her like she was my own mother. She didn't do or say anything to me. She asked an innocent question, but when I went to answer it, I saw something ugly in myself. No bad mother in law!

I am still SICK, SICK, SICK. I promised Brian that if I wasn't better tomorrow that I would go to the walk-in clinic. I hate being sick. At least Miss K is all better, or so it seems. Going to be a busy week next week, so I hope that I am all better by then.

And, a couple of ladies in the neighborhood are having a yard sale next Saturday, so I have decided to join in. In addition to some household items, I am going to be selling some scrapbook supplies. TONS of Stampin' Up! stamps, monthly kit clubs that I bought, but never got around to using and just about everything else under the sun that you would possibly need to scrapbook!

Oh...if any of you know of anyone in the Franklin area that babysits, please email me. I am looking for someone to watch Miss K one Monday a week from 8:30am - 11:30am for about 8 weeks. I want to take a quilt class and it is in the morning, so I really need a sitter. to eat dinner, put Miss K to bed and finish reading my book for my Monday night book club meeting.

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Amanda said...

Just thought I would drop in to say hi! Are you all still planning a move in your near future? Haven't kept up with you enough lately to know!