Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Pregnancy and Photos

Saturday at Scrap It's (the most wonderful place on earth) open house, we had a discussion about taking pictures of your belly when you are pregnant. I was not a happy pregnant person, so I didn't want my picture taken at all! I had a baby shower and those were the first pictures I "allowed" to be taken of me. On Sunday before I went in to be induced, my mother in law kept pestering me to let her take a picture of my belly. I refused and she wouldn't take no for an answer. Finally, my father in law said he would take a picture with me. is the result of that! It is an awful picture, but heck, I was 9 months pregnant!!!!


{change in plans} said...

Someday you will be glad she pushed to have that photo taken of you. If for no other reason to compare the size of your belly VS. your fil!

Tracie said...

That doesn't even look like you! Aren't you glad you're cuter than that IRL? ha!