Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Ms. Hollye, your tree has no balls....

Those are the words I heard from my friend's son. I about choked on my drink when he said it! But he is right. I have never been a fan of ornament balls for my tree. I love the look of the handmade ornaments. Mind you....none of them were made by me. They are mainly bought at fairs, little boutiques and where ever I happen to see one that I like. I do have one or two balls on the tree. A couple of hand blown ornaments and then the ornament that my mother in law bought for my late son Jonah. My tree in no way looks like most of my friend's trees. They have trees that look like they came straight out of a magazine. My tree has character and isn't at all fussy. And I LOVE it!

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TracieClaiborne said...

Hollye - I LOVE your tree AND your ornaments!!!! I just redid my tree in the Den and started a new collection of ornaments because I had two "perfect-looking" trees and I wanted a fun one that I could put whimsical and handmade looking ones on. Yours has really inspired me! I don't have that many yet 'cause they're expensive but I'm working on it. I got a bunch at Hobby Lobby half-off a few weeks ago.

I'm starting to think we're more and more alike every time I read your blog. I'm also grumpy in the morning and I don't like balls on my tree. That is so funny that he said that!!!

Merry Christmas!