Thursday, December 15, 2005

Hot Chocolate for Two

Someone on 2Peas posted some gifts that she was making for her neighbors. I thought they were a really cute idea. Cone bags with hot chocolate, chocolate pieces and marshmellows. She even posted the recipe for her dad's homemade hot chocolate. So, I thought, why not? I was playing Bunco with my neighbors that week so this would be a perfect gift to give the ladies. So, off I went to Kroger to buy all the stuff. Now, my first clue should have been when the directions said, "mix in a trash bag". My second clue should have been when I spent a small fortune on all the ingreidents. Let me tell you, I thought I would be drinking hot chocolate for YEARS! I only needed to make 11 cones for Bunco. So, I made them all up nice and cute. Made little tags for them and all. Brian thought they were really neat too. That was...until I pointed to the trash bag sitting on the counter. The conversation went like this...

Brian... why is the trash on the counter
me... it's not trash, it's hot chocolate
Brian... it's what?
me... hot chocolate, but let me explain
Brian... we just cleaned the pantry out YESTERDAY and there were 3 boxes of hot chocolate in packages! Why would you buy more?
me... let me explain..
Brian... and why in the world is it in a TRASH BAG?

So, I hold up the trash bag to show him exactly WHY it is in the trash bag. At this point, he isn't too happy....

Brian... HOLLYE!
me... but it's HOMEMADE!
Brian... I guess everyone we know and some people we don't know are getting a LARGE tin of hot chocolate for Christmas. Why did you make so much?
me... well, the recipe....
Brian... you could have HALFED the recipe!
me... but aren't they cute?
Brian... yeah, they are, but what are we going to do with ALL that hot chocolate?
me... I can make some for you to give away at work?
Brian... well, that might make a small dent in the "bag"

So, I took the hot chocolate cones to Bunco and all the ladies LOVED them. One of my friends wanted to make some to give away to people that she works with, so I told her she could HAVE some of my hot chocolate. Two days later I got an email from another one of my Bunco friends and she wanted to make them for the nurses that she works with. WOOHOO...I am getting rid of some hot chocolate!

So, last night Brian and I sat down and made 30 of the cones to take to work. He actually did most of the work. He scooped the chocolate into the cones. Then while I was making the tags, he put the chocolate pieces and the marshmellows into the bags. We got 30 of them done in less than 2 hours and that was with stopping and giving Miss K her bath and a bottle, me running to Walgreens for more marshmellows, chatting on the phone with a friend from Texas trying to make plans to get together while we are there, putting Miss K back to sleep after she woke up.... And we had fun doing it. I also scooped up hot chocolate for my two friends who wanted to make cones too.

But, I still have a small boatload of hot chocolate. It's stored in a large rubbermaid container...not a trash bag.


TracieClaiborne said...

Hollye!!! YOu must send me this recipe. Too cute!!!

Tracie said...

So how long does it keep? I want to try yours because I'm deciding I'm too lazy/poor/lazy to make my own. ha!

Kim said...


So I kept seeing your blog and thought I'd just go and read for a few minutes on my lunch! Well, I now have tears streaming down my face from laughter! You and I sound alot alike in our "endeavors" to share gifts. Thanks for the smile...and, maybe I should get you to send me that recipe! Hugs, Kim

Sherri said...

so, have you tried the hot chocolate? i would love to try it and then get the recipe. i think i am a picky hot chocolate that a word? Very cute cones though and LOL about the trash bag full!