Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A Mommy Milestone

So, I've been looking for a MOPS group to join since Kennedy was born. I finally got in touch with someone and got all the information about the meeting. At the end of the conversation the nice lady on the phone mentions something about child care during the meeting. Thank goodness she couldn't see the look of horror on my face. I just casually mentioned that I wasn't sure I was ready to leave Kennedy just yet.

So, Monday comes and I am getting Miss K out of the car and I see another Mommy. I ask her if she is there for the meeting and she is so wonderful and helps me get everything together and shows me inside and takes me directly to.....the nursery. I panic. What do I do? Do I look like an over protective mommy and refuse to leave my child? Do I leave her and then chew my nails down to numbs worrying the whole time? What to do? What to do? My grip was so tight on the handle of the stroller I started to lose feeling in my hand. Have I mentioned yet that I've not really left my child for any length of time with anyone? The two ladies running the infant room were wonderful and told me that I didn't have to leave her if I didn't want to, but if I did, they would take wonderful care of her. I took a chance and left her and held back the tears as I walked down the stairs. About 30 minutes into the meeting I had to go check on her. I looked through the window and one of the ladies was bouncing her around and she was giggling. I didn't want her to see me and then get upset, so I went back to the meeting and enjoyed myself. When I went to pick her up at noon, she was all smiles. The whole experience was tramatic for Mommy, but didn't phase Miss K one bit!

I am just really starting to get into this whole blogging thing, so if anyone is actually reading this, I will start updating it more! Seems all of a sudden, I have things I want to say! Here is a recent picture of Miss K.


TracieClaiborne said...

Well smack me silly I didn't know you had a blog Miss Thang! Now I'll have to check it every day and if you don't update it, it will be really boring for me. Ha! So update it! I'll be watching! (Just like Santa Claus.)

Can't blame ya on the leaving the baby thing. I couldn't do it. I never left mine even at church!! Too much of a germaphobe.

{change in plans} said...

She is such a cutie! I'll check on your life if I can see updated pictures of Miss K!