Thursday, November 29, 2007

I'm a big baby

So, I had my second dentist appointment this week yesterday. I really like my dentist. She's a hoot. Anyway, I have a bunch of dental work, all minor, that needs to be done. I am trying to max out my insurance for the year. I had two appointments this week and then I have another one in a week or so. That's the big "let's block two hours out" appointment. I know you are thinking...OMG! Hollye has rotten teeth. Not the case! I guess you could call this "proactive dental work". She just wants to treat small places before they become rotten teeth. Am I explaining this very well? ANYWAY. So, I went in on Wednesday. Sit down. They give me the numbing gel. The dentist comes over, turns the gas (I love the gas)on and then gives me like 5 shots in my gums. I felt it. It hurt. Ouch. So, she goes off to treat another patient while I am getting good and numb. I sit there. And sit there. I'm freezing. I'm still sitting. She finally comes back, apologizes for taking so long and starts drilling. I about came out of my skin. She could tell by the look of horror on my face that I felt every single bit of the drilling. She poked my lip and asked me if I could feel it. YES!!!! She cranked the gas back up and gave me about 5 more shots. Let's just say...I couldn't feel the left side of my face for HOURS.

So, today is my day to stay home. No running around or anything like that. Well, I thought. I forgot the I made a playdate with one of K's little friends for later this afternoon. I hate to cancel because she has been talking about this friend all day when she heard me on the phone talking to hr friend's mom. Maybe we will go and stay for an hour. Luckily, they live less than a mile from us. Maybe I can get a few things done before we head over there. I NEED to get my cookie recipe picked our for all the cookie exchanges that I am in. I've got so much to do!

Blog ya later!

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Amanda said...

I know EXACTLY what you are going through! I have had to have dental work done here and there...and one side (luckily right now I don't remember which side) NEVER gets numb. Well eventually it does but after a BUNCH of shots. Then I am numb for a long time! One side is no problem...the other is a different story.
Hope the rest of your appnts. go smoothly!