Sunday, November 11, 2007

My funny child.

My child is too funny. She is watching the Wonder Pets in our room while Brian and I flip between the football game and some movie in the living room. She keeps running out into the hallway and giving us an update on her show. "The camel is thristy!" "Tuck help him." It's crazy all the stuff she is learning and what she remembers. If you tell her something, she will remind you about it later. And she will tell you what she is doing....even if it is something she isn't suppose to be doing. (Like coloring her hands with markers.)

She just came out here to ask us to open a tub of play-doh. Brian informed her it was time to go to bed and she took off running and yelling, "I watch Wonder Pets!"

On the scrapbooking front, I actually made cards this weekend. I am in a card swap at the local scrapbook store and I had cards I needed to turn in on Saturday. I made there Sunday morning. Luckily, I wasn't the only late one! So, tomorrow I have a meeting at Starbucks with my mom's group. I plan on getting there a bit early, taking the laptop and sorting photos. I need to place a LARGE order for photos. I've got a couple of gifts I need to complete and one of those includes about 200 photos of our vacation early this summer to Texas to see my parents when they were back in town. I've also got a couple of baby albums that need to be finished. I've got all the paper cut for them, I just need to print out some stuff, put the albums together and give them to the person I am making them for. Reminds me, I need to email her for some information...

I'm watching the Colts/Chargers game and I am so sad. I'm Peyton's biggest fan and I am so bummed that this will be 2 losses in a row for him. The poor guy threw 5 interceptions this game. Poor Vinitari.

My goal for this week is to have a photo with every blog entry. Blog ya later.

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Jennifer Fleming said...

opps that would be 6 interceptions. Sorry not a payton fan.... :(