Sunday, November 04, 2007


I am looking for a really good recipe for red beans and rice. I use to HATE when my mother would make this stuff for us when we were kids. She would make a big pot and I swear we would eat that stuff for a month. (Well, it seemed like a month!) So, if you have a really good recipe for red beans and rice...SHARE!

I've got like 3 blog posts that I am working on that I've got to complete and get posted. I've signed up for this thing where I am suppose to blog everyday during the month of November. Good gravy. Like I don't have enough stuff to do.

Blog ya later....with photos.

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TracieClaiborne said...

Hey Hollye!
I don't have a recipe but I wanted to say hey.
I just caught up reading your blog.
K looks so cute in her costume!
We saw another baby on the square in one like that and were wondering where it came from.
I should have known you bought it at Gymboree! LOL
I got a Friends and Family coupon this week. Can't wait til the 8th!

heehee - The word verification on this post is "hyaig" as in "hi ya!"