Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I can't even think of a title...

I am so glad Thanksgiving is over. Family stresses me out sometimes and this was one of those times. I also want to use this blog post to announce my retirement from party planning. I will not throw a shower of any kind, birthday or retirement party for anyone other than my husband or child. At least I know that they are thankful.
So, today I took Miss K to the Stingray Reef at Opry Mills. Those little suckers are creepy, but cool. A lot of the kids that we went with were really into touching them. The mommies...not so much. But, it's a great deal Tuesdays are buy one get one free. Admission is $3.95 for all day! And hey...kids 2 and under are FREE! So, my friend and I got in for $4 and change and our 3 kids got in free. We bought shrimp to feed the rays. Those were BOGO too. But, this mommy was scared of the rays and just threw the shrimp in. I did TRY to feed them by hand, but I chickened out. K kept telling me...Feed them Mommy! There were also seahorses that K loved and kept
asking if we could ride them. The best thing...the carousel. You can ride it all you want...for free with admission! We just stayed on it and rode it about 10 times in a row. Then we went and had lunch...came back and rode some more. Also got two more Christmas gifts bought. Oh...make that three! I am almost done. Brian has given me a couple of ideas, but I need to wait for payday to finish my shopping. Can't wait to be done. I've got a LOT of stuff to do between now and Christmas. My brother and his family are coming for the holidays and I can not wait! We are going to have such a blast. But before they get here, I have THREE cookie exchanges to attend, one of which I am hosting. I also have two more dentist appointment and a bunch of other things. I really need to work on my calendar this week to make sure I don't overbook myself like I usually do.

Okay, I have to get to bed. My child has school tomorrow and get to spend my second day this week at the dentist office. Trying to max that dental insurance out!

Blog ya later!

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