Monday, November 05, 2007

Today was a lazy day.

We didn't even leave the house. (I did have class tonight, but the weather was awful, so I made the decision not to drive.) I got a little bit of laundry done, some events scheduled and I actually watched a movie that didn't have any cartoon characters in it! (I know...aren't you shocked?) I even got a little bit of Christmas shopping done. Gotta love Amazon and the free shipping. For those of you who know Miss K, you also know that she has an unnatural obsession with Dora the Explorer, Diego and Max & Ruby. (As I type this at 10pm, my child is sitting on the sofa watching Diego. Yes, it is 10pm and she is still up...don't judge me. She napped until almost 6pm.) Anyway...I saw this Dora dance pad thing and knew that she would love it, so I ordered it along with a musical tea set. (I'm trying to upload photos, but blogger won't let me. This is the first time this has ever happened to me. Oh well.) ya later when I actually have time to really post.

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