Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I can't even think of a title

"Losing my mind" is probably what I should have called this post. It's been a stressful couple of days. I still do not have a new drivers license or a copy of K's birth certificate. And if the weatherman is right, I am going to be "snowed" in at home. Oh yeah. I've got to get both taken care of by Friday because K and I are flying to Michigan on Sunday. If you think about it, please pray for me, for K and for everyone on Southwest Airlines flight 1447 on Sunday. I am flying to Detroit with myself. Now, a lot of you have never met my child. Let's just say... She's WILD. Doesn't like to sit in my lap and cuddle. That's going to be a PROBLEM. She is also a climber. I can just see her climbing over the seats. Can you tell I am STRESSED about this? We will probably end up on the news. Another toddler gets booted from an airline flight...story at 10...

The house is a wreck. But, I am working on my getting rid of scrapbook stuff. So, if it doesn't snow tomorrow and you are interested in stopping by...I am giving a TON of stuff away. I can't take it all with me and there is no point in putting it in storage. You name it...I've got it! I've probably got SEVERAL of the same item. Thursday is the only day I am offering this up. Friday I am packing it all up and take it to the Ronald McDonald House. They have a craft night every week for the families who stay there, so they are grateful for the donation. So...remember that. If you are looking to get rid of any type of craft supplies, contact the RMH if you have one in your area. So...if you want to come by and score yourself some free goodies, email me and I will give you directions.

I also have a HUGE box of goodies to donate to Project Linus here in Nashville. It is an awesome program. If you are ever looking for a service project, this is one that you can even do with your kids.

Well...the past couple of days have been emotional ones. I had lunch with a couple of my friends and when we got ready to part ways, we all said.."okay...see ya later!" Then we realized that we weren't! Sad. Then Brian informed me that the forecasted high in Michigan on Monday is ZERO DEGREES. That's the HIGH. For some of you, that might not be a big deal...for this Texas's a HUGE deal. I might not leave the apartment until the Spring. Maybe I will get a lot of scrapbooking done? Yeah...who are we kidding! I've gotten to talk to my dad a couple of times. I could tell the first time I talked to him that he was really home sick. When I spoke to my SIL today, she told me that he started crying when he was talking to my niece. They are getting settled in and are looking at houses and will be car shopping soon. I can't remember exactly what he said, but I think the "holy" day there is Friday and the work week starts on Sunday, but I am not sure that is what he said.

Miss K had a playdate at the mall with her friends MJ and Mr.B. I think the mall play area is more work for mommies than it is for the kiddos. Our kids are still a little on the small side, so some of the "bigger" kids tend to be rough with them. Miss K got wacked like 2 minutes into our visit. I don't understand moms who come in there, sit on the bench and chat and never once check on their kids. I chased one kid down twice and his mother never knew he left the play area. And don't get me started on the mean nanny. I wanted to yank her hair and give her an earful. to sort more scrapbook stuff. And for the record...if you do happen to come by tomorrow, my house is a wreck so PLEASE don't ask for a tour. It's TRASHED right now. Boxes and clutter everywhere.

Blog ya later.


Chelle said...

Hey- I need directions to your house.

Renee Graham said...

Man, if you hadn't made me cry the last time I checked your blog, I would have checked last night and come by today. Would have loved to score some free goodies-cold weather does not equate to "disposable income". Alas, I missed it.
So wish I were flying with you! No really. I WANT TO GO HOME!
Does she like stickers? Page loved sticker books. She loved to fly and she's not a cuddler either. Try to preboard and get the comfy spot in the front with room for her to move if needed.
Good luck!

Doris said...

glad i got to see you! safe travels! :D