Friday, January 19, 2007

A lazy day for Miss K...but not for me!

As I type this, Miss K is dancing in front of the TV to the Wiggles still wearing her cutie pie red PJs. They are the kind with the flap on the bum. Too cute.

I was going to actually go somewhere today. (I am sorry Jill and Renee!) But I had a small nervous breakdown last night talking to my husband about our "move". So, today I am working on cleaning out my closet and the bathroom. I've also got about 20 loads of laundry to do. So, I am waiting for Miss K to go down for her morning nap and then I am hitting the bathroom for a GOOD scrub down. Our plan is to do some minor patch work in there this weekend, paint and have that room done. I am going to have to hire someone to come in and paint my bonus room and kitchen. The other rooms just have minor touch up that needs to be done. Gotta get in touch with the painter guy and the handy man my girlfriend uses.

So, after I had my nervous breakdown, I went out to dinner with some of my mommy friends. We had a great time. But I had a major headache from the 2 ritas that I had. They gave me a card that made me cry. They keep telling me that I am NOT moving, I am just taking a very long trip. I did tell Brian last night that I have almost talked myself out of selling our house. He wants to move. He doesn't like the house anymore than I do. It's a great house, but the layout of the house doesn't work for us. We want something that is very open. child is now wearing more jewelry than I ever wear. She found a box that was full of costume jewelry and she likes to play with it. She has on a necklace, and like 5 bracelets. Carmen the monkey is wearing a necklace too.

Off to start the laundry. Blog ya later!


Amanda said...

What a cutie pie...jewlery!
Just try to think of your trip as an extended vacation...hopefully the time will fly!
Hard for me to think about it though because I have always lived on the same road!

Chelle said...

Gosh these are sad times!
Quick- somebody do something to make us all feel better. Well it's good that we can still blog and find out what's going on in our friends lives.

Doris said...

yes! glad you have a blog so we can keep up w you on your extended vacation. :D