Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Another sad day... And a little bit of funny

My happy place is closing!!!! Since I am out of town, I got a call from one of my good scrappy friends letting me know. I am so bummed. I really could cry. Bill and Ann are two of the most wonderful people. Everytime I walked into Scrap It, I was always greated by Ann. Kinda like "Cheers"...where everybody knows your name. I have made so many wonderful friends though Scrap It and treasure all those friendships. We are going to have to come up with someway for us to get together OFTEN. The past two days have just been emotional for me.

Miss K and I spent the day helping my dad get a laptop and Vonage for their phone. I am going to try and get that all set up for him before we leave for Tennessee. My dad...bless his computer challenged. And he has to tell EVERYONE that he is leaving to go work overseas. So, if you are standing in line to pay for your groceries and some random man tells you that he is trying to get ready to move overseas in two just met my dad.

Brian is all set up in our new apartment in Michigan. He was given his company car today...he told me that he started laughing when they handed him the keys. We got a big old pimped out Suburban. Black...full loaded. Hey Superstar....Miss K will get to watch TV in the sky now too!

So, I am doing a photo a day journal. January 3rd will have a photo of Miss K and Santa. Yep...Santa. My best friend has one of those tall Santas that dance. K was scared of it at first. Now, she will use her toes to push the buttom to make him sing. She uses her toe because she is busy holding his hand. Later...after I took the photo, so stood infront of him holding both hands and dancing. When she saw me with the camera in my hand, she let go and started walking over to me...Santa whacked her in the head with his hand and she was NOT pleased about that. She marched right back over there and pushed the button to turn him off. Serves him right. I really need to find one of those Santas. I told Brian I would keep him set up all year long in her room since she loves him so much. Maybe next year she won't cry when she goes to get her photo taken with him!

It's super late and I need to get to bed.

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Maria said...

Ah sorry you had such a melancholy day. I love your idea about the journal! Your dad sounds so neat!

Hugs, Maria