Friday, February 09, 2007

Catch Up

Well, we made it to Michigan. Miss K did great and made herself at home from the minute we walked into the door. I think she likes the fact that everything is on one story. The weather has started to heat up. The night we arrived, it got down to -8. And the heat wasn't working. It actually got up to 22 yesterday...a heat wave! The furnace was fixed the day after we got here. It's all good now. Here is a photo of her on the plane. As much as I complain about the crazy Doodlebops, they kept her entertained the entire flight from Nashville to Detroit.

While Miss K is adjusting just fine, I am having a hard time. I don't want to go outside because it is FREAKING cold! I've been to the grocery store twice and both times were bad experiences. Nothing like having some one make fun of the way you talk. I asked some jerk who worked there where the pie crust were. He laughed in my face and then mocked me. I have not made any friends here because honestly it is too dang cold! I did post something on 2Peas looking for someone in the area that I am in. I got a response from someone, so I am hoping to join her group for a crop later this month. I am going to check out one of the scrapbook stores next week. The maid comes on Tuesday, so Miss K and I will head out and run errands and do our grocery shopping.

I've not been spending much time on the computer these days. K and I usually try to turn the webcam on first thing about 8ish so that we can talk/see my dad in Qatar. Then I usually don't get on the computer until K is napping or down for the night. I realized I was spending WAY too much time on my computer and not enough time doing things that needed to be done. I'll blog more about that later.

Brian brought all my scrapbook stuff in last night and put my bookcase back together. My table is all set up. We are headed out to visit my inlaws for the weekend. I can't wait because we are celebrating my birthday early. So, when we get back, I am going to get everything wiped down and organized. i can't wait to actually start scrapbooking again. It's been a LONG time.

Well, I gotta run. I've got a load of diapers in the washing machine, a batch of cookies waiting to go into the oven, a suitcase that needs to be packed and a child that just ran pass and made it apparent that she is in dire need of a diaper change.


{J-La} aka: Jill Gross-LaFaye said...

It's was nice to hear from you! So glad you are all alright..I remember moving from MI to TX..everyone made fun of would think that I would be used to it..when we lived in MI..and we would visit our family in Tennessee..they would always tell me to say this or say that..I would..then they would laugh. People can be very stinks..I know. Way to go Brian! for getting your {scrapbook} stuff out for you so quickly..very, very sweet! Miss K is getting cuter & cuter by the day..sweet..sweet.sweet! Stay warm! Oh and thanks again for paticipating in the F.S. Project! Maybe you can take a picture of him..with someone that talks funny to us! Ha!!!!

Amanda said...

I would hate to hear what those darn yankees would say if they heard me talk! My husband is from Iowa...he thinks it is funny the way I say pa...I mean pie!
Glad you will get to scrap. You must post some of your projects!

Renee Graham said...

I will email you my neice's address and maybe you can google where she is from you. She's 21, in her student teaching for kindergarten. Super sweet-and she scraps and is GREAT with kids...could be a winner for ya!

Chelle said...

That is the most precious picture! I hope you can find some other crop friend's soon. I'm sorry this is a hard change for you. Have you looked up the MOPS group in town?

annkelli said...

Glad you are in your new "home".
I remember that feeling of newness when I moved to So. Florida right after we were married. Sounds good but it was hot, humid, concrete and a lot of very mean people.
So glad it was only for a few months.
Hang in there!
It's not forever!
Hopefully you'll connect with a mom's or scrap group soon.
You are with Miss K and Brian.
Keep us updated!

Sherri said...

oh hollye, we miss you!
wish we could meet for lunch on monday at panera for some potato soup and sandwiches.
i went to a predators game tonight and saw a flier on the wall...the doodlebops are coming here on march 31...want to come see them?? LOL
I hope it warms up soon and you make some friends, but don't get too attached because you are coming back HERE!!!
We are always thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

Where are you at in MI? There is a great store outside of Detroit in Novi or Wixom, check out the site,