Tuesday, January 09, 2007

What do you think babies dream about?

Last night Miss K was crying in her sleep. I couldn't get her to stop. So, I put her in bed with us. 1am. I couldn't take the crying anymore. 1:30 Miss K is asleep and I am smoothing her hair and she starts giggling. Asleep. Giggling. The full out laughing. This went on for a couple of minutes. I was trying so hard not to laugh. After she stopped I started wondering....just what was she laughing at? Was she dreaming of a huge sippy cup of milk? Maybe dancing sippy cups? Maybe a dozen Carmen's were dancing for her. And for those of you who don't know...Carmen is her monkey and if you have met my daughter, you have also met Carmen.

Okay...gotta run. Brian wants me to help him fold clothes. What kind of husband expects a wife to do laundry? (I am so totally joking!)


Michelle Woods said...

I am impressed that he is folding laundry. Chris tried to fold and put away some laundry and I found stuff in the strangest places....like MY socks in Dalton's drawer.
I just saw the $1 stamps on Kelli's blog and I will be hunting them tomorrow.

TracieClaiborne said...

That is so sweet!!! I can just see her, giggling. I hear Caroline talking up a storm in her sleep sometimes. It scares me at first, then I smile and wonder what she's dreaming. Wouldn't it be fun to know?

Amanda said...

cute! wonder what she was dreaming about? grayson will cry out sometimes...maybe the laughing just doesn't wake me up!

Renee Graham said...

I think they are dreaming of angels and remembering what it was like to be chosen by God to be sent to earth to live with us.
Guess that explains the crying and the laughing part, but honestly, that's what I've always thought!