Sunday, December 17, 2006

Up to my ears in...

peppermint bark
hot chocolate
candy canes
wrapping paper
unwrapped gifts
late shipped gifts
unfinished projects
sickies in my house
slobbery baby kisses
unpacked Christmas decorations
holiday dinner menus
trip preparations
move preparations


doris said...

whew! and i'm so lol that laundry is in all caps . . . that way here too . . . :P

Renee Graham said...

You forgot to mention "people who just really met me and are totally bummed that I'm moving"!
Yep. That would be me. AND you're moving closer to MY family. So jealous...on the plus side, we can meet in the spring for lunch when I return for much needed family time.
Oh...put away? Why, just dig thru the basket till you find what you need. Yep. Three loads waiting to see the drawers. Not happening and I'm tulle and barkless!