Wednesday, December 20, 2006

No Mommy!

I think I jinxed myself this morning when I was talking to Annie about Miss K getting her photo take today. It was a DISASTER. totally called for caps. Oh my. Crying so hard there were snot bubbles. Crying so hard that people were coming to look in the room to make sure we hadn't hung her up by her tiny little toes. Crying so hard that they were unable to take one single photo of my daughter dressed in her beautiful Christmas dress. Five minutes after we walked out of the studio, she is giggling and laughing and entertaining people at Subway. I think being sick was part of the crying, but the other part...GBS....grumpy baby syndrome. I wish they made some medication for this. I know they do for mommies...WINE. So, Christmas Eve morning before we head out to church, I hope to get a photo of her in front of the tree.

I got the last couple of gifts bought that I needed. My parents are always so hard to buy for and this year was even more so. I always end up getting them the same card to Outback. Well, we got them that, but I wanted to get them some fun things. Things they could use for their new "adventure". So, I got my dad a Global clock. Tells the time in 32 countries. I also got them them beautiful coffee table book on Qatar, which is where they will be moving to.

Got more information on our move and it is ALL good. We found out what our part of the rent is going to be and it was a little less than we thought, so that is good. I still want to get the house on the market soon. (I might be giving you a call Amanda!) We are on the first floor which is great since I have two rotten dogs that will have to be walked. We get a garage! Yeah! I can take Miss K's wagon and some bigger things that I thought we were going to have to store or get rid of. I did tell Brian this evening that I was very sad and he was shocked because I've been telling him how much I've been looking forward to our move. I am looking forward to my inlaws spending more time with Miss K. I am looking forward to the fact that when we move back to Nashville, we will be moving into a new house. I am thankful that Miss K and I are able to go with Brian instead of seeing him every other weekend. I am very thankful for all of it. I am just so sad to leave my friends. Old friends and new friends. (Thank you Renee for your comment the other day.) Sad to pack away most of my household items and memories. the mommy who left her child in her stoller in the middle of the aisle at Target and then walked over to another aisle...yes, I was giving you the eye. Don't you know that there are crazies in this world and even at Target who will take your child!? That was probably your car I parked next to that had the dog locked in it with all the windows up.

I promise that there will be some sort of photo tomorrow.


Amanda said...

Just call if you need me.
Hope you guys have a super holiday!

doris said...

awwwwwwwwww . . . the time will fly by and you'll be back here before you know it! :D