Thursday, December 07, 2006

Please say a prayer for my dad and stepmom

My dad was up for a job in the Middle East. Things didn't pan out so he was planning on retiring at the end of next year. Great! Well, they called him back and offered him the trainer position. So, my dad and stepmom are headed to the Middle East after the first of the year. I am glad that he has this opprotunity and when he retires, he will have a nice nest egg to retire with. I am also very nervous and a bit sad. I don't see my dad very often, but I know that if I needed him, he is just a short 2 hour plane ride away. Now it will be a 24 hour plane ride. Makes me sad. The nervous part?'s the Middle East. That should sum it up right there.

So, please say a prayer for my parents.

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