Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Digital camera for $1.26

You read that right! About 3 months ago, Brian was given an award at work. The award was a $250 gift card and you got to pick the location from a large list. So...what to buy? It was Brian's award, so his to spend. He decided that he wanted a small digital camera. Something that was easy for him to use. He will use the Rebel, but he would prefer something smaller. So, he got a small Sony Cybershot. We went to pay and the total was $251.26. I handed the girl the stack of gift cards and she couldnt' believe it. So, I handed her $1.26 in cash and walked out of there with Brian's new digital camera. We also went shopping at Target with some gift cards, but even with a bunch of gift cards, we still shelled out some MONEY. But, we did get a wireless router. I am LOVING my new laptop. And my daddy informed me this evening that he is buying us all computer video cameras for Christmas so that he can see his grandkids often. That ought to be fun!

So, my happy place is having a HUGE sale. 40% off. Oh my! Miss K and I have some errands to run in the morning. I have to hit Hobby Lobby to pick up some tulle. I am making her this tutu for Christmas. She has decided that she would rather dance and walk on her toes than anything. That is how we spend our mornings in Miss K's house. So, I thought a tutu would be something fun for her to have. So, I guess on my run to Hermitage (yes superstar...I am going to Hermitage AGAIN!) I will HAVE to make a stop at Scrap It!

My goal is to be home by noon, feed Miss K, put her down for a nap and start making candy. I am so far behind on things I need to do, but I am DETERMINED to get every one of them done. That's right. I WILL get that Advent calendar done. It might be December 24th before it is done, but dang it, it will be done!

Oh...Brian looked at my blog posting from yesterday and the first thing he said was, "oh! I should have gotten a skin for the laptop." I yelled at him to stop reading. Now I am wondering if I should order it? What to do...what to do.


Anonymous said...

Being the mother of four I say if the man was willing to sit up with the baby get a skin! Woohoo! Its worth the price! LOL

What bags did you order for you chocolate mix? Trying to figure that out...Thanks

Amanda said...

Cute tutu!

Candy...yummy. Randy's family is coming over tomorrow night for Christmans...and I have to get home to cook. So I will feel your pain in the kitchen. I don't mind cooking, I hate cleaning up though!