Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Santa came early!

Brian and I have been talking about what we wanted for Christmas for months. We are both the type of people that if we want something, we will just go out and buy it. He golf and I don't know much about golf, so I can't really buy him anything without him knowing. Same thing with me and scrapbooking. So, he mentioned laptop and I was right on that. So, Santa UPS Claus delivered my Dell Inspiron E1705 Monday. Can I just tell you that I am in LOVE with my laptop? Well...OUR laptop. Even Miss K likes it. We sat in bed with it yesterday watching a DVD and she thought it was great. Gotta love that 17 inch screen!

So, the only thing I really need to buy for Brian is come stocking stuffers. I am thinking of getting a skin for the laptop. Even though I would prefer a cute girly one, I think he would really appreciate the Michigan one. And even though I am not a graduate of the University of Michigan, I am a huge fan of their football team. (for the record, I am a University of Houston graduate.)

I came up with a couple of gifts for my parents. I got my dad this great clock that tells you the time in every time zone. I also ordered them a book on Qatar. That is where they are going to be living. I've been told that it is the richest oil area in the world. I was also told by several people that living there is pretty much just like living in the states. I am still nervous for them, but I am glad that my dad is being offered this chance and that he is finally doing something for himself and not for everyone else. I need to work on getting our passports. Which means I need to get Miss K's birth certificate corrected. Okay...rambling!

Okay..I am off. Miss K is sick...AGAIN. Up all night last night. Poor Brian, I was so tired that I couldn't stay up with her, so being the wonderful daddy that he is, he got up with her and sat in the bonus room with her until he got her to fall asleep. So, we are just hanging out at the house today. We are waiting on Comcast to come and replace our modemn. Sometime between 3-6. Only problem is it is located in my scrapbook room and you seriously can't even walk in there right now. As soon as Miss K goes down for a nap, I've got to "clear a path" so that he can actually get in there!

Brian should get some information on our relocation today. At least I hope. He starts work in Warren on the 2nd of January. I hope they have a place for us to live!

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Anonymous said...

Yea! You got a lap-top!! We will get of these days..I would love to be mobile with internet access..that would be cool! Merry Christmas!