Thursday, December 07, 2006

A Miss K funny

**I have to give you the "background" first. We have a cat named Socks. We call her Socksie and we kind of sing it when we say it.**

Last night we were in the car picking up Brian from the airport. Miss K took her socks off and was trying to hand them to Brian. He asked her if she can say socks. She doesn't say anything. Then he asked her if she could say Socksie. She says the sing-song way and then starts going "meow meow" over and over again. I laughed so hard I started crying. She will usually either call the cat Socksie or Meow Meow, but she has never put the two together, so it was really funny. Guess you had to be there.

We are headed off to the doctor today. Miss K got hit with that virual infection that everyone seemed to have right after Thanksgiving. She also got the rash that I am told is also virual. Well, she is all better, but the rash has gotten worse and she keeps itching. When I put a onesie on her so she can't itch, she cried. It's a mess.

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Renee Graham said...

RASH? Ugh, didn't hear about that one. So sorry. My kids are feeling better, but I'm still losing weight, if ya know what I mean! Now Donnie has it. I think his must be some sort of typhoo fever because his is "so much worse"...Yep, I'm being mean, but he doesn't read your blog so I am totally safe. And to make myself feel better-he does still have to work.