Thursday, December 21, 2006


Can you believe it? I actually took photos today! Tonight we had our Christmas with my mom. She is leaving for Texas tomorrow to spend Christmas with my aunt. She is really looking forward to being off from work for a week. We had fun tonight. Miss K was a lunatic opening gifts. She has finally learned to rip the paper off. She was in her element...she is all about tearing up some paper! Meemee got Miss K a Blues Clues that dances and sings the ABC's. She was dancing with her. But her FAVORITE gift was this little "dust buster, Dusty". Doesn't really pick anything up, but she thought it was too funny. She will be in heaven on Christmas because Santa is bringing her the matching vaccum cleaner! Brian got a flash drive (I think that is what they are called.) and I got an American Express gift card. I am really wanting a Wishblade. But, but the time I finally save all the money, I will probably be over the wanting. Who knows.
Meemee was THRILLED with her gifts. She mentioned that she wished she had a collage picture frame, so I found her one holds 41 photos. I also gave her 41 photos to put in the frame. I didn't have time to put it together for her. She also got some coaster with photos of all 4 of her grandchildern on them. She got a piece of stoneware from Pampered Chef...her first piece. She was very excited about that. I knitted her a scraf and she told me how much it meant to her that I made something for her. Miss K gave her a calendar that has a photo of her on every month. She said that was her favorite gift. I told Brian that Miss K would be giving those for Christmas gifts every year! Can't wait for my dad and stepmom and my inlaws to get theirs. They love stuff like that.

So...are you ready for Christmas? I need to grocery shop in the morning and wrap presents while Miss K naps and before Brian gets home. I ordered him a skin for the lap top, but it still hasn't come in. Oh well. I'll print him out a photo of it. I've decided, next year, I am having a gift wrapping party. No cookie wrapping. You bring you paper, ribbons and bows and I will supply scissors, tape, wine and holiday cheer. is 11 and I started working on my Advent calendar last night. I had some "issues", so I hope to get most of it done tonight. I also started a mini album for Christmas. I got the spine and the cover done. I am not loving it yet, but give me some time.


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Renee Graham said...

Will you be back to TN next year? If so, count me in on the wrapping party. I actually suggested to a friend to throw one and to pay her teenage daughters to do the wrapping for us while we drank the wine. (max of three gifts per guest, but hey!)